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Hey you creative bloggers want to grow your Google+ Circles? Let me tell you how after I share why things have been wonky over here. For two days my site host server has had problems and I was unable to access my dashboard and account until now. OK, with that out of the way I wanted to share that I stumbled across a fun grow your Google+ link up. We all want to do that don’t we! I know I do. Let me share where the party is and how you can follow me on Google+

First of all I have two Google+ accounts due to my artwork one is for my personal and one is here for Dear Creatives.

I’d love it if you followed me on both! I’ll try to go through and follow back as quickly as possible. It may take a day or two but, I make my way down the followers.

I share things I enjoy seeing that others make and share along with my own posts on both. And I am beginning to go other to both pages daily, as there is great inspiration being shared and sense of community. Not to mention, only 7 people might see a post even if you have 500+ followers on FaceBook! But, that’s a whole other story for another day!

I’d love to connect with you over on Google+ and really see what your sharing vs 7/500 odds from FB. Come join in and get in one of my circles!

Google+ is great for bloggers! Sharing, connecting and helping to grow your social media presence.

Now here is the party you can join in on Wednesdays I just found out about!

At first it took me a minute to figure out where the party was their wasn’t anything saying go to this blog and add your information here. So if you have never participated I just saved you a step. Then the directions are you share a post of yours with their party hashtag and follow host, co- hosts and mingle along down the  party following people.

Personally I like Google+ a lot and down the road may be more involved by starting a community or other things. It’s a great way to see what people are making, what groups there are to join….If this isn’t something you’ve done before give it a try. Be sure to stop by my pages and say hi! Hope to see you there today! It’s going on all day and again next Wednesday.

Have you joined in a Google+ party before?

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