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Today I am sharing a few free printables for you. A Free Printable for Spring and Easter printable. If you missed the meal planners you can see more information at the bottom of this post and grab those too. I can’t believe that we are at the end of March already!

I created these printables for my grandkids. I thought it would be fun for the kids who do write to fill in or write a letter to the Easter bunny or just keep them busy when your cooking. The other printable is a spring printable that you can use yourself or for you kids. I use mine for reminders, making lists….

Easter Printable

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Free Printables | Easter / Spring Free Printables Worksheet DearCreatives.comEaster Worksheet DearCreatives.com

  • You can either right click and save as or go to this link: Spring Printable to download or print.
  • If you are signed up for the free printables you will get an editable version of the Easter printable and another Easter worksheet. You can access it online, edit and print it! If your kids are old enough they can type in each section themselves. Not signed up for freebies, it’s easy and you still can and grab access too!

For spring break we are thinking of driving up to see family. I’d like to take Sammie to a museum or two, the botanical gardens and a few other things. Sammie is wanting her sister to give her a haircut. And of course we are going to catch up with family. What spring break plans do you have??

Free Printable for Spring

Free Printables | Welcome Spring - background element designer dmogstad just stay little layout - design @2016 DearCreatives.com for personal use only

  • You can right click to save as or go to this link: Spring Printable to download or print.
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When we get back I’m planning on continuing to work on learning Photoshop and MS Publisher. Have you used or mastered either of these programs??

I am also planning on catching up with paperwork. Ahh, tax time stuff. Not fun! I also have a bit of sewing to get started on. That’s really it for me.

Now, if you have suggestions to what types of printables you’d enjoy please feel free to list them in the comments. Or if your not a blogger let me know on Facebook through my fan page or twitter.

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Hope you have a happy spring and Easter!

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