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Dear Creatives, Happy first day of summer!



Pull out those summer dresses Dear Creatives! Whether you need to sew up a few dresses or wash and hang them on the line, summer is here with all her colors and it is time for creativity!



Summers are perfect for finding creativity and color inspiration in books and magazines. Just gather a few of your favorites books and magazines then ride to your perfect spot to read, be inspired and swing with those ideas.


Source: None via Theresa on Pinterest


Plan a little summer get away finding your peace and quiet. Pack all your colorful blankets and towels. Enjoy nature and all her colors she has to offer. Get outdoors it is summer!


Source: via Theresa on Pinterest


Don’t forget to get out your colors and play. Whether body painting, chalk drawing, painting outdoors or taking photographs. Summer is the best time for play & creativity. If you are able I hope you get a chance to travel to a beach.



I hope you love every minute of your summer! & don’t forget to visit again for some creative, crafty and inspired posts that will be coming your way to get you creating this summer.

What do you love about summer? What creative relaxation, travel or projects are coloring & inspiring your summer?

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