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Dear Creatives, I just love being able to share such sweet giveaways & just in time for the holidays. I am excited to share that I had the chance to try out & tell you about my experience with the Lilla Rose Flexi-clip. Although I saw the  Flexi sizing & Styling video  I still manged to pick a size too small for fitting all my hair in different types of buns, but was able to use it for a pony tail. I could of sent it for a different size, but opted to give it to someone in the family. I immediately fell in love with it & will be asking for a bigger size from Santa. I have so little time to mess with my hair, it is great that I can put it up in a few minutes and it looks great all day. I’ll just have to remember to spray my winter fly always  lol. I never like using scrunchies, that is so 70’s – 80’s! & being of a certain age (lets not go there) I like to be more stylish, than trendy. I haven’t tried this, but I do love wearing scarves in the winter. The smaller Flexi-Clips also makes great scarf pin and can be used like a brooch on woven hats, scarves. See Lilla Rose Facebook page to see examples. Another thing I loved about the clip is that it has a very sturdy attached slide so you will never lose it!

Now, thanks to Mae I am able for one of my readers to have the chance to win & try a Flexi-clip! & they are so easy to use, I just looked at the styling sheet I was mailed with my clip & viola! I have some helpful links at the bottom of post for you to see what I am talking about & how many stylish designs there are! & of course the styling video at the top of post. Be sure to use RaffleCopter for your entries to qualify. Good luck I hope one of you will soon enjoy a flexi-clip of your choice (up to $16. value) to have or gift! &

Celtic Rose Flexi Clip

a Rafflecopter giveaway

“Independent Consultant Mae Raymond” is sponsoring the Giveaway, in order to be in compliance with company policy. The Giveaway is open to any of my readers with a one winner per household limit (even if from another consultant).  Also, please note to any of my readers outside of the US, Canada, & Mexico, that, although the company cannot yet ship to them Mae will gladly take their orders via e-mail. “If you live outside the US, Canada, or Mexico although you can’t enter the giveaway, you can still order some great Lilla Rose Hair Jewelry. Simply e-mail your order with item numbers & descriptions to the sponsor of this Giveaway, Independent Consultant Mae Raymond at mailto:[email protected]  She will calculate shipping costs and use PayPal to send you an invoice and will ship your items directly to you!”

Here are some helpful links for the Giveaway:

What length hair do you have? 

Disclosure:  “Independent Consultant Mae Raymond” is sponsoring the Giveaway. I did receive a Lilla Rose hairclip  to try out & review. All opinions are my own & honest of my experience with the product.

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  1. I just found you through Accidentally Wonderful. Now following you on facebook. I had never heard of Lilla Rose hair accessories before. Thanks for posting. The flexi clips are beautiful and may just work for both me and my daughter

    1. They are great, way stronger than they look in the photos. I can’t wait to get the larger size for buns. Thanks for the follow Roxanna! I hope to get to know you better & good luck with your entry. PS.I am having quite a few giveaways in Dec.

  2. I think my wife would like this. I’ll tweet/share your contest to help get it started up!

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