Kick Your Weeknight Meals Up a Notch! Meal Plan Monday #Recipe: Chicken Piccata

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I love trying your favorite recipes which I keep from the link up to try when you share them. I’m going to try & blog about them more often! Sometimes trying a new recipe challenges me time wise. But, we were getting in these cooking ruts. You know the easy, school night, what to meal plan with, cook the same old recipes & repeat rut. But, I vowed to break it the cycle, share what is inspiring me & what I am trying. I want out of my kitchen comfort zone! This recipe is one that will suprise your taste buds & have you inspired by your own cooking with this Chicken Piccata recipe.

My grandma used to make veal cutlets & veal piccata. I don’t cook veal. End of story. I never thought about making the recipe until I saw it made with chicken by Lizy at Lifelovelibrarianship who linked up at last week’s party. Then it sparked the memory of that lovely dish my grandma used to make, that is minus the veal & with chicken.

I decided to try it on a weeknight. I picked Friday that way if I ran late no school the next day. No problem with a late night meal. This is a dish you where you might want to give yourself a little time to read & master it. There are steps involved but, it is easy enough! If I can do it you can do it, trust me. These is are iPhone images. I digress, with reading the recipe, dredging, squeezing lemons I had no time to do a full set up.

plate of chicken piccata, chicken piccata,dearcreatives.

Sammie gets really bored with me sometimes, like any tween. I called her come help me with a photo shoot. I get a response, “momm”! That is the response; I have better things to do like playing MineCraft or going to play with her neighborhood friends outside afterall it was Friday. No juggling the camera while making this recipe  this time. But, I did use my phone to capture some easy steps. Maybe when I get to make it again I can think ahead & grab some nice photos but,  hopefully these will show you how easy it is to make!

pan of chicken picatta cooking,

It ends up cooking all in one pan like this! After simple steps like these; squeezing lemons, frying dredged chicken, sauting mushrooms & adding it all back into pan with a little vino & herbs. step by step cooking, chicken piccata,

Things that will help you time wise with the Chicken Piccata Recipe:

  • pull out all the ingredients except for the chicken
  • have all your cooking tools ready
  • wash, chop, slice & set to side veggies
  • squeeze, measure your lemon juice set to side
  • have capers nearby
  • then pull out your chicken, dredge it & start following the rest of the instructions!

I have to admit that I am usually not a big capers fan & love this! If your nervous about them omit or just use a few less, but it will change the overall taste slightly.

snap shot of a plate of chicken picatta,

Some Chicken Piccata recipes have mushrooms, some not. There are tons of recipes online for Chicken Piccata. You can view Giada De Laurentiis’s Chicken Piccata video at the Food Network. She doesn’t use mushrooms. I say if you love mushrooms try this with them & if you don’t leave them out. For Lizy’s recipe she calls for adding poultry seasoning I didn’t have it & it was still amazing.

Want the recipe? I have it saved on Ziplist which then takes you to Lizy’s site for the full recipe! Just ZipIt to save it to your recipe box!Thanks Lizy for kicking up my meal plan a notch & making me have another favorite recipe in my recipe box! Thank you readers for coming along with me on another Meal Plan Monday adventure!

Chicken Piccata

What will you be cooking this week?

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  1. This looks super yummy! I NEED to get out of my cooking ruts! Thanks so much, and I got a chuckle about your daughter complaining, makes me feel better, cause my kids do it all the time!


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