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Banner Day! Easy #Tutorial

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Dear Creatives, It was time I took down my spring banner & I wanted to make a quick replacement for it with some scrap fabrics. I thought I would share how I created my summer banner that has a vinyl layer that shimmers in the sun & when the ceiling fans blows. It isn’t large the triangles are about 4″ wide across the top & down the sides.

Gather your supplies:

  • Scrap fabrics or pretty coordinating fabrics
  • Template 
  • Fabric Scissors & Paper Scissors
  • Thread
  • Pencil  & or Fabric Marker
  • 1 Package Ric Rac
  • Vinyl
  • Sewing machine

Step 1: You can make a template from printing mine or measure out your own,  tracing onto cardboard the pattern & cutting out with your paper cutting scissors.

Step 2: Cut out about 14-20 triangles to be able to span a 5′ wide area {mine was 14}

Step3: Cut out the same amount of vinyl triangles {optional}

Step 4: Sew triangles together connecting 1 by 1 continuously adjusting tension as needed & as close to edge as possible {note you can sew the vinyl onto each triangle one by one & then sew the entire banner together,  or as I did below, either way will work} I was just hurrying along for a sample pattern.

Step 5: Hold into place while sewing the vinyl triangles over or under the fabric ones 1 by 1 continuously as close to edge as possible { perfection not needed ric rac will cover vinyl }

Step 6:  After vinyl is sewn onto all triangles. Fold ric rac in half finding center mark with a pin, place in center of banner pin onto banner continue to pin as needed here or there

Step 7: Sew ric rac into place from one end to the other taking out pins as you go along

Step 8: Take completed banner & use something like Command 3M clear picture hanging strips to hold into place or tie each end to area where you want to hang it!

The thing I like about the banner is that our ceiling fan blows it & the vinyl makes it shimmer in the light. The colors are bright & fun, the banner is easy to make. I want to grab some fabrics & make a few for hanging outside in the trees near the patio for 4th of July. I hope you give it a try!

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