Young Kid’s Board Games For Learning + Gift Ideas

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Are you looking for young kid’s board games? Today we are sharing fun stuff for the kids, and kids learning games we like playing with our grandkids. I love packing up games to take to play with my grandkids. 

I received a few kids’ learning board games and kids’ journals. These games and journals won a few awards. Perfect for using play to learn! 

All summer long I had this urge to travel, go see family, and drive to get away. I had a discussion with Sammie about not committing or over-committing this fall and next summer. I want to flexibility to see family, travel and just escape for short trips if I get the chance. It’s hard being a mom to one in high school, and a grandma to little ones who live far away. 

Affiliate links may be included in the post. I will receive a small commission for qualifying purchases. This is at no additional cost to you. 

Young Kid’s Board Games

Gift Ideas For Learning

Fun stuff for the kids board games and gift ideas. We are sharing a review of peaceable kingdoms games and journal for kids. Find out more at DearCreatives.comI told my family I needed to head out to see the grandkids before school started. Because when I visit in the fall, and they are in school it limits the time I have to connect, talk, and play with them. I was happy to pack my bags, grab a few things I had received for free from the Peaceable Kingdom, and head out to make the long drive to visit them before school started. 

Fun Stuff For The Kids

Cooperative Learning Games From Peaceable Kingdom

When I visited the grandkids we took walks, went to back-to-school orientation, barbecued, made pies, played games, and packed as much fun into a week as we could.

kids playing on the grass by a school

This year my daughter will have two full-time students, one pre-school student,  (who doesn’t start until next Jan.) and one 3-year-old. Home learning is so important for the two youngest. Especially cooperative learning. Learning colors, counting, playing games together, and learning how to take turns. Along with all the other pre-school learning activities. Do you have preschool-age kids or grandkids? 

Hoot Owl Hoot Board Game

kids learning games - DearCreatives.com Ages 4 and up Hoot Owl Hoot a cooperative learning game.

The first game I brought to play with them was Hoot Owl Hoot, an award-winning cooperative game. What is cooperative learning? In a cooperative game, players work together against the game, not against each other. Kids learn vital skills like listening, sharing, and collaboration all while boosting their self-confidence. This game is perfect for 2 to 4 players ages 4 years and older. (see video of how to play the game )

Mermaid Island Board Game

fun stuff for the kids kids learning games - DearCreatives.com Mermaid Island board game ages 5+ a cooperative learning game

The second game I picked was Mermaid Island. It was a game I thought my oldest granddaughter would enjoy playing with her siblings. I truly believe older kids love teaching, and game playing is a good time for them to share their knowledge. Below is Audrey seeing what’s in the game and how to play it. (see video of how to play the game)

life with little kids

This game is for 2 to 6 players ages 5 years and older. I remember the days of life with little ones, there was so much fun, activities, and chaos all rolled up into one. I know this will bring lots of fun and learning to my daughter’s kids for years to come. 

The kids love both games, but they love this one with the spinner. We had so much fun playing and I love that the directions are printed right on the boxes’ lids. No flimsy directions to lose. 

Kids Journals

fun stuff for the kids kids journal - DearCreatives.com

You might remember the DIY summer camp (with a free printable reading list perfect for fall too) I created. Well, my granddaughter loved her camp journal so much I thought I’d give her the meaningful life journal, as an early gift. This journal is 100 pages long and is filled with questions, things to do, and writing prompts.

fun stuff for the kids journal with prompts and games DearCreatives.com

Gift Ideas For Kids 

If you have kids or grandkids and are looking for educational games, journals, and gifts for kids you might like any of the items you can get at Peaceable Kingdom. Their products can be found online via their website, Amazon, and other retailers. Or by clicking the links in this post, taking you directly to the sourced items. 

Our Thoughts 

Thoughts on the games and journals. They are quality games and journals from the Peaceable Kingdom and were so much fun to play and use! We highly recommend them. 

What types of games do you enjoy playing with your kids or grandkids? 

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