Burlap Halloween Wreath DIY

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Today we are sharing how easy it is to make a Halloween Wreath. This wreath idea is made of burlap and decorated for Halloween. It’s a simple, budget friendly Halloween Wreath. Making it one easy Burlap Halloween Wreath to make.

This tutorial is from way back but, we still think you will enjoy making a wreath like this. Maybe I’ll update the post even more with new Halloween ideas as I work on them.

Burlap Halloween Wreath 


Burlap Halloween Wreath

Burlap Halloween Wreath DIY
Burlap Halloween Wreath


 I purchased a small diy paint Halloween ornaments kit for Sammie. They are easy to paint or use felt pens to color them in. then tie or hot glue onto your burlap wrapped Styrofoam Wreath.

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How to make a Burlap Wreath for Halloween - how to make a simple wreath wrapped in burlap for Halloween. Easy to make and budget friendly.
Halloween Wreath Tutorial

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How to make a Halloween Wreath


  1. Color your wood ornaments or cut your foam ornaments.
  2. Then measure the fabric length and width around the foam and allow for some overlapping, then I cut the material. Or you can use the wide burlap ribbon I sourced to make it easier. 
  3. I pinned the material in place on the Styrofoam. Then hot glued it down. If you don’t have a hot glue gun you use an extra strong hold glue 
  4. Next make a bow and glued it to the skull ornament or just to add to your wreath.
  5. Cut ribbon and place it behind any of your Halloween ornaments. There are holes where the string was for the ornaments, I just placed a straight pin through and tacked it in place into the foam where I wanted the ornament to be on the wreath. I did the same for the skull ornament. You can hot glue them too for extra hold. 
  6. I used the extra burlap fabric to make the big bow. Using the burlap ribbon will make it really easy to make your own bow. 
  7. I used a sign that says Happy Halloween at the top and  tacked it in place
  8. To hang the wreath on the wall I hot glued a piece of ribbon to the back after I tied it. If you are making an elaborate wreath do this step first. 
  9. Then use a command hook or other hook to hang your Halloween wreath. 

Do you enjoy making wreaths? 

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  1. Thank you for hosting this fun party. I found you on the Blog Guidebook! I’ve added you to my Friday parties list and I’ll be back. Your wreath made me smile, very creative.

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