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DIY Rope Coasters – Flower Design

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DIY Rope Coasters – This rope design is for a flower design where the coasters look like daisies when they are done. It’s such an easy way to make homemade coasters to use or gift!

Do you want to make your own coasters? Are you looking for DIY home decor ideas? This is an easy craft project to make and perfect for any time of the year. See how to make coasters with twine, rope, or jute! Below we have a few more designs for making them too. Or go here to find more DIY Coasters.

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DIY Rope Coasters

DIY rope coasters - how to make coasters from rope, twine or jute. DearCreatives.com
DIY Rope Coasters

Do you remember when I shared these DIY home projects? Coaster craft projects – DIY Felt Coasters and this related project for this DIY Twine Coasters in a Sunflower design.

I think you will enjoy making these coasters for your home and using them too! You can use these homemade coasters for yourself, and when you have company over, or as a DIY homemade gift!

This design for the DIY rope coasters is a flower design. They kind of look like daisies when they are completed! I love the boho vibe and summery look these coasters have. Don’t you?

When it comes to working from home I’m always setting a glass, cup of tea, or coffee on my desk! To avoid rings on my furniture I love using cute coasters. This is a fun and easy craft. Use the coasters to protect your tables when you are serving cold drinks or hot drinks.

Affiliate links may be included in the post. By clicking the links for qualifying purchases we earn a small commission. This is at no additional cost to you.

How To Make Coasters - DIY Jute Rope Coasters - Flower Design for Rope Coasters - DearCreatives.com

What You will Need for this craft project?

Craft supplies you need to make coasters from rope, twine or jute. Full supplies list and instructions at DearCreatives.com
Twine/Rope, Craft Glue, Felt, Ruler, Scissors

Make these coasters from your craft stash or the supplies below. When they are done, you will have cute flower coasters to use. I think they look like daisies. Have fun making this craft project!

Affiliate links may be included in the post. By clicking the links for qualifying purchases we earn a small commission. This is at no additional cost to you.

Craft Supplies

  1. Twine / Jute / Rope
  2. Craft glue or hot glue gun with glue sticks
  3. Craft foam sheet or felt
  4. Ruler
  5. Craft Scissors

DIY Jute Rope Coasters


How to make rope coasters - Step-by-step steps 1-4 - cut felt, glue, wind rope... full instructions at DearCreatives.com

Step -1

For the base, you can use a craft foam sheet or felt. Grab the base material and cut out a round shape from it. The size of the base should be slightly smaller than the required size for the coaster.

Step -2

Grab the rope from its open end and create a tight twirl pattern with it. Apply glue in the center of the base cutout. You can also use hot glue making it a quicker craft. Using craft glue will take time. But, it will give the coaster a nicer and more finished look.

Step – 3

Place the twirled rope in the center glued part of the base. Now apply glue and circle the rope around the center twirl, on the base.

Step – 4

Continue to circle the rope until 2cm of the base material remains around the outer side.

You can watch this video to see how to make the base. But, make sure to allow for the cut base (material) to be larger to allow for the twirl pattern that is added and makes the flower design.

How to make rope coasters - Step-by-step steps 5-8 - measure and cut rope, make circle swirls and glue...... full instructions at DearCreatives.com

Step – 5

Measure and cut 4 or 5-cm long twine rope pieces.

Step – 6

Twirl the rope pieces and glue the twirled pattern to secure them. We will attach these small rope twirls around the side.

Step – 7

Attach the rope twirl(s) around the 2cm base border.

Step – 8

Fill the border with the small pieces to complete the coaster. NOTE -Are using craft glue? Make sure to allow the glue to dry entirely before using coasters.

I hope you enjoy making rope coasters! Be sure to tag @DearCreatives when you make your coasters! We’d love to see your finished projects. @DearCreatives on Instagram and Twitter or pop over to our FB page to share a photo with us!

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Are you ready to make coasters_ Make coasters with rope, twine, jute. See how to make these rope coasters that look like flowers when done! DearCreatives.com

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DIY Coasters - Crafts Made with Jute and Felt - Easy Crafts To Make - DearCreatives.com

Happy Crafting!

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