Gift Ideas Sweeter Than Sweet For Her (And Not Candy!)

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Sweet Love. Are you looking for gifts for her? I’ve been doing a little trend spotting. Gift ideas that are sweeter than sweet. What’s not to love about surfing the web for a little “heartfelt gifting” to give those you love. 

February equals hearts, colors of mint, pink, jewels of silver, gold or copper. Of course there could be diamonds if it’s a really special one. There are no loss of ideas so let the wishing begin. One for me, one for you. Cupcakes, icing, candies. Bits and bobs and jewels. Which do you prefer to give or get?

Gifts for Her

gift ideas for her Valentines Day

  1. Sweet music must play or be played. Why not remember the sweet sound? I stumbled upon this copper heart guitar pick jewelry. Perfect for the guitarist or music lover.
  2. I love making cupcakes for my loves. Bites of pillow-y soft cupcakes with sugary sweet topping. Maybe some heart sprinkles. Will it be chocolate or vanilla? Or half of each?
  3. Cupcake liners and toppers will do for making them lovely. With this little cupcake kit!
  4. Will you take a walk with your love? It’s winter so remember to bundle up. Gift her a pair of heart gloves.
  5. Does your loved one enjoy knitting or crochet? A pretty heart yarn bowl would be such a special gift.
  6. Will you dine in style? Tulle skirt, pretty pumps xoxo.

Well, if you have someone who has everything. Or just loves learning, like me. You don’t have to be stumped. Give the gift of a e-class online of somethings she’s always wanted to learn. Gift certificates for Craftsy and CreativeBug are just two of my favorites for learning all about cooking, baking, crafts and making.

Is she really focused on photography or a handmade business? Then Creative Live is another great option. Head over to any of the above and you’ll see classes that are sure to please her.

Is your sweetie a blogger? Or maybe your looking to give your blog some love? Restored 316 Designs is a great option. 

Stay tuned for more sweet ideas for her!

What would you love to get or give?

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