Mini Book Necklace Crafts DIY Project

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Today I’m sharing a jewelry craft inspired by a book I reviewed. You might remember when I reviewed a paper jewelry diy book a while back? If not I’ll link to it at the bottom of the post. I created my own version of a crafts diy jewelry project: mini book necklace.

I think these could be a fun gift. They can be rather easy to create. I included a supply list. If you wanted to make more than one you could cut things out assembly line style. Then put them together assembly line style. On the day I created this one I had been doing other projects and only ended up with one.

The thing about this day is it was long. You guys don’t realize there are projects and recipes that flop! Uh, yah. I said it. Then it’s back to the drawing board. When I have days like this I just keep going. Juggling mom hood, driving and dinner. Next thing you know it’s getting dark which equals no in process photos! Lame right? But, I have resources for you, below.


Mini Book Necklace

Crafts Jewelry |Book Necklace DIY

I did source a video for you all, below. I’m hearing cheers in the background, then bows. You might even like these little jewelry books a bit more than the one I made but, I’ll share the differences on how I made mine. You decide which works best for you. Detailed way or my shortcut way. Any way I hope you enjoy making one soon!

How to make a mini book necklace

Before we get to details of insides; I measured the mini book cover slightly bigger than the pages. You can trim down but, not make something bigger, right!? Next I painted the mini book cover with my Metallic Rose Gold Paint and let it dry. Which I happen to be in love with!! I did get this from DecoArt to try out. After two coats of  the paint dried. I used my Decou-Page painting it onto the book cover to make it strong and give it a finish coat. Let it completely dry prior to next steps.

Crafts |Little book necklace
In the center to cover my short cut I glued paper. Under the paper are three staples! I didn’t sew the spine like in the video. And before I glued and stapled my inner pages I attached my thin leather necklace cord by punching a small hole and looping my leather through at the top. I tied a knot at the top. Then stapled my pages and covered them with the paper.

Crafts Mini Book necklace in hand_1
I added two embellishments on jump rings to the leather cord and tied off the other end. Be sure to measure twice and cut once to ensure you have it long enough! Do this by looping it around your neck and checking where it will fall add half to one inch more for knotting. Next I covered the spine on the outside as shown in image, with some of the same paper just to give it a matching look to the inside. I glued that on. Then gave it one final finish coat of the Decou-Page.

Craft Supplies Needed

Other Supplies you might like or need for this making a mini book

Cute 6x6 inch Patterned Paper Pad for Crafting with 36 Charm Wing Rose 26mm Pendant Antique Silver Angel Wings 10pcs RUBYCA 30PCS Tibetan Silver Color Mix Feather Pendants Charms Bracelet Books By Hand, Light Duty Bookbinding Awl Scratch Awl, 5.8 GANE ADH0901 Yes All-Purpose Stik Flat Glue, 1-Pint CleverDelights 3x4mm Cable Chain - Shiny Silver Color - 30

Here’s a video that may help you.

I’ll share a few more resources for you too.

Crafts Mini Book Necklace on model

I hope you enjoy making, gifting or wearing one soon.

Have you ever made a mini book necklace?

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