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Easy Christmas Cookies – 15+ Recipes To Bake!

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We made a list of our favorite, easy Christmas cookies. Are you ready to bake cookies for Christmas?

Now is the perfect time to whip up a batch of cookie recipes to eat with the family during the holidays. Bake and give cookies to friends or neighbors, or set out cookies on Christmas eve to serve to Santa.

Christmas Cookies

Are you looking for Christmas cookie recipes to make and bake? 15+ EASY Christmas Cookies - DearCreatives.com #easyChristmascookies

Easy Christmas Cookies

Do you enjoy making and baking cookies at Christmas but are looking for a no-fuss Christmas cookies recipe? Grab any of these Easy Christmas cookies recipes and get baking!

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Enjoy baking with the kids or make cookies for the family. Who knows, maybe one of these baking recipes will become a new holiday favorite! And Santa’s too!

Cookies To Make For Christmas and Baking Season

Sugared Shortbread Cookies - This Shortbread Cookie Recipe this is an easy and a family favorite we make every year during Christmas season, winter and anytime we are craving this shortbread cookie! Grab the recipe at DearCreatives.com
  1. Try our Santa Cookies recipe, it is so fun to make these with the kids.
  2. Easy Holiday Cookies (SpreadCheer) With Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes.
  3. For peanut butter lovers, our favorite Peanut Butter Cookies.
  4. We always love making Snickerdoodle Cookies, even for Christmas!
  5. These Sugared Shortbread Cookies are always on our list for the holidays!
  6. Or these Olive Oil Sugar Cookies! So good and a hint of citrus flavor.

Looking for more ideas?

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  2. Christmas Cookies Recipes
  3. Santa Cookies And Santa Treat Recipes
Santa Cookies - holiday-cookies-recipes-Santa-cookies-dearcreatives-com

Happy Holidays!

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