Still Time Update #Craft Hope – Aprons for Haiti + Completed Project

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Dear Creatives, I thought I would share with you the apron I made for Craft Hope’s Project #17. When I went to share that I sent it & posted a photograph on FaceBook I found this out: From the Haiti By Hand website; Jade has set a deadline of May 31 for the aprons because she will want to move on to her next project. However, you may continue to send aprons through the end of July if you need more time. We have trips planned for June and November so your apron won’t miss the boat! So I don’t know why this post was made today but everyone still has time. Finish up and mail off without worry.

I highlighted & underlined the part that is important! Yes, you still have time if you are only now finding out. You have until end of July for them to receive the aprons. To see more about the project you can view my post here which also has all the free apron tutorials & patterns I rounded up: Apron’s for Haiti, but before you head over you might peek at what I created & some notes about the pattern I used. PS. Tomorrow I am sharing tutorial &  tips on how to add the pocket &…


I used one of the tutorials from my previous posts minus adding the contrasting bottom, yet adding in a pocket. You can also view the guidelines for making them on my previous post.



I made the quick & easy apron with a light cotton material. I didn’t do the contrasting & the ties were reinforced under the waistband  for long lasting durability.




I added a pocket to the pattern which is so easy & it is larger than it looks from this photo. It was at least 6″-7″ wide. If you have coordinating fabrics you can make the waistband, pocket & ties with that for contrast.


This is the backside & inside back of the apron. I used a pretty muslin on the backside. It can be reversed to use on either side. The ties are long enough to wrap around two times if the person is slimmer or just tie if larger size.

I will put together the how to for making the pocket & how I do the ties – tutorial & tips posting tomorrow. If you use the quick & easy pattern from my link above & at FeatheredNest this will help you be able to make the adjustments to create a very useful & pretty apron. Should you want to help or even make one for yourself. Aprons are great beginner sewing projects! I hope to make some more when school lets out & teach Sammie how to sew an apron.

& Don’t forget if you have made something or have a recipe…. to share just add it to Link-Up

Have you ever made an apron or other item for charity? 

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    1. Thanks Christine, I hope to do a few more & maybe more colorful! Glad to see you again.

    1. Your welcome, nice to see you! I love aprons & mainly where mine when painting or cooking at holidays if in my good clothes. I need to make myself a new one, lol! I think when you help others the love comes back when needed or by fueling your own happiness.

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