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Dear Creatives, Maybe everyone is buzzing or not about the new series & crafting show Craft Wars which debuted last night on TLC. Did you remember to watch it? Remember about a little over a week ago I shared the upcoming series Craft Wars about crafters having challenges & in a competition to win $10,000.


The contestants have access to a whole supply area with everything they might need supplied by Michaels Craft Store! They are given a challenge to complete in a certain amount of time & having to incorporate certain items into the design. A format similar to Project Runway or Cupcake Wars. At first I was like really, these items & then seeing what the crafters made was interesting, not to mention seeing crafting & creating under pressure.


I will definitely watch it again. I usually like to give shows a few times before I say I love it or not. To be honest parts of the show I loved & others not so much. For me I always like watching the doing & not so much the judging. I am excited to see next weeks challenges & how the contestants handle & craft them up! If you didn’t get a chance to watch it check your local times on TLC & give it a try. Personally I am having my own craft war with fitting crafting into my day, with the kiddo home from school & balancing swim lessons, meals & entertainment….. How about you?

Did you watch Craft Wars? What were your thoughts on the show? 

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  1. Being a painter at the core, I am eyes wide open when it comes to crafts. But my idea of crafts is putting some ephemera together in a beautiful way, to be either used or to be appreciated in an artistic way. Upcycling can be so wonderful!

    Don’t think this show is for me- but it has potential if they start bringing in some cool stuff to repurpose.

    1. Hi Sue, Yes this is the general consensual thought I am getting from other crafter s too. There is as much art to crafting as there is art. I keep trying to watch the show to see what direction it is going & was disappointed this week! May give it another shot, before moving on to upcoming shows like Project Runway which is soon to be back on.

  2. I’m sorry but my local craft stores do not carry lumber,saws or welding supplies. To me and my friends this is not a craft show. Real craft Wars should not include home building supplies.

    1. Helen I can relate to what you are saying our micro craft store in town is a Michaels & the only wood they carry are pre-cut for painting or decoupage. When it comes to wood I always have enlisted the Mr. & they have the choice of pulling in someone from the team to help with that aspect in the show. I never have welded but, have used a soldering gun. What threw me this weeks challenge was using jeans, baby blankets….for a wedding challenge. Honestly?

  3. I was sooo excited to see a crafting show come on TV. I live for crafts and sewing. All crafts. I spend day after day in Michael’s and JoAnn Fabrics. I’ve been crafting to sale for more than 30 years and I’ve never built a “doll house”, a “pet mansion” or “lawn furniture”, etc. This is more of a “Do-It-Yourself Wars” than a “Crafting Wars”. The show’s I’ve seen have used very, very, little of the crafting supplies available from Michael’s. But this is not the competitor’s fault; if they want to win the show they better know how to do construction work. Wouldn’t I love to get my hands on all those supplies?  Crafting is fun and a true CRAFT – This show belittles us crafters by thinking that crafters are not serious artist!!

    1. Hi Kathy, Thanks so much for adding your opinion! Yes, I agree that I have never done many of the challenges they have come up with. Like I mentioned to Helen; I felt this last challenge with the jeans & baby blankets for a wedding challenge was off base. Honestly? I have done plenty of weddings & think there are tons of supplies without they could of incorporated for them to use without having to do that. Crafting, sewing & creating is an art. It is great to think outside the box sometime, but should not border on degrading crafting, I agree & hope the show doesn’t continue to turn down that road. I would love to get my hands on that craft closet too!! Hope to see you again soon! Do you blog or have a site? Would love to visit if you do!

  4. I have watched all the shows so far… I love the idea/concept of the show. The Michaels craft station is cool, but I wish it was a little more chic. I have been a graphic artist/event coordinator for years now and am starting my own business crating event graphics and creative paper crafts. Basically I will take any event theme and create an event website, save-the-dates, invites, table numbers, menu’s, seating charts, programs etc., to match exact event colors, styles, and theme. I spend hours on pinterest/etsy to get ideas/concepts, then spend hours designing. Once I have my designs I go to Hobby Lobby, Joanns, online craft stores, and the LA Garmet district, to build beautiful seating charts, table numbers, centerpieces etc. Then, I spend hours in my craft station I built for my home. With Craft Wars, super creative/talented artist get selected to go on the show to craft, which is awesome!!! Every crafter wants to watch artists craft and compete for 10,000. But nobody in there right mind wants to watch super talented crafters use crap to craft with. It is almost a slap in face to use the crazy/classless supplies these craftes have to craft with. Sometimes less is more…. and in this case, less is more. How about you have talented crafters CRAFT. Let them take the time to use the Michaels craft room and compete to make the best craft, NOT using a bunch of crap. I did like the wine station episodes, but was disappointed they choose contestants who were not very familiar with that medium.

    1. Hi Kristi, I can relate. I didn’t even see that one & am also a bit disenchanted for the same reasons thus haven’t been watching. I started watching Project Runway’s new season. Although not a seamstress of that caliber & having only designed a few simple things I find watching the talented designers inspiring. If they (craft wars) wanted to make it green, use re-purposed items that is fine. I agree that it shouldn’t be a boat load of junk. I could go on but, no. I love the concept too just wish they would tweak it improve on it some more.

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