Cakes For Kids Cookbook Release, Review + Giveaway!

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This is one fun cookbook with cake decorating ideas for kids cakes, “CakesFor Kids“. It is a new release! It has 40 fantastic decorating cake ideas, plus recipes that are sure to get you into the kitchen excited to bake!

Now, this cookbook for decorating cakes is easy to follow and has easy cake recipes. This makes this the perfect book for novice bakers, or the more advanced baker, even kids who love baking cakes will enjoy this cookbook. 40 cake designs equal lots of baking fun! Make cakes for kids birthdays, celebrations, and kids parties! 

Decorating Cake Book

Cakes for Kids - Cake decorating book. Make cakes for kids parties and celebrations. Easy cake recipes and decorating ideas. Review at I received two complimentary copies So the 2nd copy is for one of my readers. It’s giveaway time! 

 Yes, it will be easy to enter, and you will want to enter, the Rafflecopter is at the end of the post. Affiliate links are included in the post, at no cost to you. Let me share why I like this cookbook, then go enter for your chance to win a copy! 

Cakes For Kids

Cakes for Kids - CookBook Cover. This is a cookbook that is perfect for kids that love to bake! With 40 fun recipes, and instructions they will have fun making these in the kitchen with you or on their own with supervision. Find out more about this baking cookbook for kids!

Cakes For Kids

Cookbook Overview

This cake cookbook would be awesome for any parent with younger kids. Especially if you want to make them fun cakes for parties or celebrations. What I love about the cookbook is that anyone with novice baking skills can follow the instructions. There are cakes and ideas I can’t wait to try after being inspired by the easy cake designs in the book. 

The index has photos of the finished cakes and the page to find the recipes on. 

Inside the book Cakes For Kids a cake decorating book perfect for how to make cakes for kids parties and celebrations. Review at

These creative cake themes for birthdays and holidays include a Rainbow Roll, Tarzan’s Jungle, Santa Claus, Halloween Graveyard, Polar Ice Floe, Candy Train, Circus Animals, Race Track, Pirate Ship, Hedgehog, Roaring Lion, Psychedelic Caterpillar, and many more!

I love that the cookbook covers recipes for a yogurt cake, chocolate cake, lemon cake and rolled sponge cake. Find everything you need to make and decorate the cakes from ingredients to instructions for each recipe, making these decorated cakes will be so easy. The decorating steps are even simple enough for kids to join in the fun.

This cookbook is so straightforward I think it would be a good cake decorating cookbook for beginners. 

Is this a cake decorating book for kids or adults? 

No and Yes. The cake decorating book with recipes is for adults to make cakes for kids. But, I would say if your kids are older, like my granddaughter and teen who bake and have younger siblings or relatives to make kids cakes for yes it is easy enough for the beginning baker or kids that bake. Of course, I highly recommend supervision in the kitchen when any young child, kids, or teens are baking. It will surely inspire your kid bakers to have fun decorating cakes in the kitchen! 

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Cake Decorating Cookbook


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