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Hey Everybody I just found out about this great online course. It’s for 5 weeks & I am super excited about it! I am going to sign up. The class is going to encompass topics such as branding, business & more. It’s being offered by Creativebug. It really seemed like a reasonable price for all that is being offered in the course, plus the information is being taught by creative business owners some you might recognize.

As you might know if you read my blog daily, I just finished up one set of online classes, but am excited to dive into a few more this fall! I just was feeling like I hit the wall with my direction, how to bring everything together not to mention wanting to do a site redesign . Yes I am an affliate & no I am not getting the class for free or anything but, I think online courses are a great way to educate yourself & learn from niche specific experts. I am super excited to share this with you at a special introductory price!

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Creative Bug Building A Creative Brand

If you are like me this might just be the motivation & information to take your creative business to the next level. I know I am excited about it for the licensing & publishing information among other topics. I am also excited about it for more information on branding as I want to do a full site design. Can I just say woot! woot! Perfect timing prior to my investing in that area. Now what is great about the course is since it’s new there is early bird pricing!

But before I get into that here are more of The Creative Brand Series 5-week course details for you!

The Creative Brand Series is a 5-week video series of straight talk with Heather Ross, Liesl Gibson, Lisa Congdon and many more — covering the fundamental aspects of building and elevating a creative brand. Topics include: identifying your brand, business nuts and bolts, licensing, publishing, and work-life balance. With weekly videos, downloads and live chats, this series is for any aspiring creative.

The early bird price is $125, and Creativebug subscribers get a special price of $99

Sign up here: Get straight talk, inspiration and advice from top artists and designers on building your creative brand on the Creative Brand Series – an online course from Creativebug.

  • Early bird pricing ends October 7th, the Series begins October 14th

I hope you decide to take the class too! If you do let me know. Maybe we can have a Google+ hangout & talk sometime about what we are learning! I am trying to be more productive balancing it all can be challenging & can’t wait to implement tips on work-life balance, which as you know can be challenging when you are writing, trying to create & take care of a family.

Sign up here: Get straight talk, inspiration and advice from top artists and designers on building your creative brand on the Creative Brand Series – an online course from Creativebug.

If this course doesn’t suit you they still have so many choices of f new creative crafting, sewing, jewelry & other courses too! Get a full library of arts and crafts video workshops delivered right to your screen. I have signed up for classes at Creativebug & can’t wait to share what I make & all about the series Building A Creative Brand.

When is the last time you took any online classes?

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