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DIY – Farmhouse Mason Jars Decor

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DIY – Farmhouse Mason Jars Decor – These styled mason jars can be used for home decor, or for decorating for Valentine’s Day, or even a DIY wedding, or a dining table centerpiece…

This is a fun and easy DIY mason jar craft. Looking for more things to make? See all our mason jar crafts that you can make for any season some with recipes and free printables to use.

DIY Farmhouse Mason Jars

DIY Farmhouse Decor - Paint and decorate mason jars, style them for farmhouse decor, mason jar gift ideas, or even use as Valentine's Day decor... DIY at DearCreatives.com
Farmhouse Mason Jar Decor

Use this DIY project to decorate your home or you can even use this craft project for a mason jar gift idea. It would be perfect to gift for Valentine’s Day, a new mom, or use it for a homemade Mother’s Day gift idea.

Use this simple idea to decorate your wedding tables or event by using fresh or artificial flowers and coordinating the colors with the theme. We think you will enjoy making this easy craft idea no matter how you decorate the mason jars, use them, or gift these mason jars!

Looking for something else or other ideas? See our Wedding Ideas here.

Farmhouse aesthetics - See all the mason jar ideas, home decor ideas, and mason jar crafts to make at DearCreatives.com

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Let’s make this craft!

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Farmhouse Mason Jars Decor

supplies for a mason jar craft -mason jars, chalk paint, twine, heart tags, paintbrush, scissors - See DIY at DearCreatives.com


  1. 1-3 Mason Jars find them on Amazon (16-ounce mason jars and 32-ounce mason jars) or your local craft store
  2. White Chalk Paint – My favorites are Waverly White Chalk Paint, Folk Art White Chalk Paint, DecoArt Chalk paints (regular paint works fine but I like chalk paint for this project as it dries quicker and is thicker)
  3. Paint Brush
  4. Twine – (Amazon, craft store, or Dollar Tree)
  5. Scissors
  6. Chalkboard Heart Tags – (Valentines Day Heart Chalk Board Tags I used) Amazon, craft store, or Dollar Tree. (Additionally, you can use your Cricut or Cricut Joy to die-cut heart tags).
  7. Faux Flowers (Silk White Roses) (Silk Peach Roses) (Silk Pink and Champagne Roses) or Freshcut Flowers

Other chalk paint colors to consider are ballet pink if painting your mason jars for Valentine’s Day decor. FolkArt Home Decor Matte Chalk Paint Colors in a matte finish, Country Chic Chalk Style Paint Colors available in 16+ colors to match your decor projects …


Painting a mason jar to make a home decor centerpiece
Painting Mason Jars

Apply 2 coats of White Chalk Paint to the jars, allowing enough time to dry in between paint coats to get the best coverage.

Three painted mason jars - painted with chalk paint - Mason jar craft at DearCreatives.com
painted mason jars

You can use a heat gun for crafts to dry the paint faster, especially if your home is cold.

wrapping twine around the top of a painted and dried mason jar - See the full jar craft at DearCreatives.com
wrapping twine around the mason jars

Next, leave about 6 inches free and wrap the twine about 5 times around the top of the jar.

And Leave 6 inches at the end to create the bow.

mason jars with heart tags tied on with twine - See how to make and style this craft project for your decor, farmhouse decor or for Valentine's Day mason jars...DearCreatives.com
adding the heart chalkboard tags and tying the bow to finish the jars

String the heart chalkboard tag on and tie a bow. (Grab pink hangtags and optional colored heart tags for this project.)

Styling Tips For Mason Jars

Make this farm house mason jar decor to fit your colors and style - DIY home decor and how-to at DearCreatives.com
styled mason jars

Style mason jars with artificial rose flowers, faux flowers, or real flowers such as roses, dried flowers, sticks… Then add the decorated jars into trays grouped together, or on a table, dining table, shelf, or bookcase…

DIY Farmhouse - Mason Jar Craft - styled for Valentine's Day or spring or any season with these tips and how-to... DearCreatives.com
Three styled mason jars with heart hangtags and flowers

Using odd numbers when making centerpieces and displays evokes interest and is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Farmhouse Mason Jars Decor - DIY Farmhouse Decor - See how-to make this Mason Jar Craft and ways to style and use decorated mason jars...DearCreatives.com
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Happy Crafting!

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