My Creative Week in Review & New Creative Online Classes

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Hello, Today a review of my week so far & sharing some things I am loving creatively & what I have been doing. I honestly had another post for you but, I wanted more time to work on a freebie I have coming up! As a matter of fact I have several coming so stay tuned for that! (one from a partner for you too! YA!) I also wanted to share a few new creative online classes coming up in case you want to take some yourself.

Yes, I signed up for a few more!! I am actually taking classes all the way up to Nov. I started with taking an Alt Summit for all online class series. It made me reflect on why I started this blog, what personal goals I have & also what I have been neglecting. Learning & stretching my creative goals. I also just signed up for a photography 3 hour seminar & just finished an overview of coding to see if I wanted to dig deeper into learning more. “Sigh”  Oh, html & css.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, at no cost or price change to you. We will earn a small commission for qualifying purchases.

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This is my creative week in review, so far that is!

Usually my daughter Jenni who is the model for the PicMonkey contest post does my hair. She is a licensed cosmetologist. Busy with the end of wedding season & being five hours away she was unable to this time. She does amazing work for weddings, magazines, styling for personal events & photo shoots. She has two pages  JustJenniStyle FaceBook & JustJenniStyle where you can see her amazing work. She also has a blog but, has been too busy to post.

With all the leaves starting to change colors as the days are 75-85 degrees & nights dropping into the 30’s -40’s I started to take photos to capture the beauty of fall. If you missed the post you can see it here:  why I love autumn

I signed up for this class, Woot! Woot!!

Get straight talk, inspiration and advice from top artists and designers on building your creative brand on the Creative Brand Series – an online course from Creativebug. If you are interested in the course be sure to sign up soon! You won’t want to miss out! There will be downloads, recources, live chat sessions & help.

What you’ll find covered in the Creative Brand Series:

  • Week 1: Your Brand

  • Week 2: Business Nuts and Bolts

  • Week 3: Licensing Artwork + Fabric

  • Week 4: Publishing a Book

  • Week 5: Work/Life Balance

I have been looking for a few other things I want to sign up for & found out about these new online classes which just launched yesterday:


perfect for foodies

perfect for sewers

I ended picking out this class to take.  Tara Rebman- Quilt-As-You-Go: Patchwork Bags  I want to be able to use my scrap materials & make something useful at the same time. Now, off to read my class materials & hopefully squeeze in some sewing. I hope to share some insights from all the things I am learning really soon!

Have you been taking any creative or blogging classes lately?

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