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Do you Like Brain Teasers? The Best Mobile Game You Can Play On-The-Go

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I’m totally obsessed with brain games, and word games! Are you? I like good brain teasers, and fun brain games that you can play anywhere. Do you like brain teasers? I have a favorite game that I play at home, and on-the-go, bonus this is one mobile game you can play with friends, or family. 

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Brain Teaser

The Best Mobile Word Game You Can Play On-The-Go DearCreatives.com #mobilewordgames #brainteaser #mobilegame #funwordgames #the bestwordgame #wordgame

Wondering what it is? Or can you guess?? It’s Words With Friends 2.

sitting on the couch playing a brain teaser, mobile word game. DearCreatives.com

I am always being challenged to play games with my girls and bffs, but I don’t limit myself to playing with them. I’ve made some awesome friends just by playing my favorite word game WWF2. My favorite morning activity includes playing the solo games to challenge myself while I enjoy my morning coffee.

on the go, with cell phone in a bag DearCreatives.com

Places we like to play Words With Friends 2 when we are on the go!

  1. Mornings while enjoying coffee
  2. Hanging out on the beach for the entire day
  3. When traveling by car or plane
  4. Out by the pool
  5. When getting my hair done
  6. While sipping on my favorite iced drink, sitting under the fan when it’s too hot outside 
  7. In the pick up line, while waiting for the kids to get out of school
  8. Waiting for appointments 
  9. Waiting for dinner to finish cooking
  10. Waiting for sports practice to finish
  11. At home in the evenings, while watching shows
  12. When we visit with the grand kids  (it helps them learn to spell better)

Beach spelled out with sea shells and rocks #WWF2 DearCreatives.com

Where would you play #WWF2 ? Do you have the mobile word game on your cell phone? If not grab it, and play me, or one of your friends. 

One handy feature of the game is being able to send messages while playing the game. It helps me stay connected with my family and bffs daily. I let them know that I am AMAZED or UPSET by their play. 

I was never a great speller or the best at English but, with Words With Friends you really can increase your skill level. It helps me feel smart and challenges my brain. I love finding out the “Word of the Day”. The day I wrote this blog post the word of the day was LEGUME. See what today’s word of the day is here ==>WWF2

moving the letter tiles around the mobile game words with friends 2, brain teaser © 2018 DearCreatives.com

My big challenge to myself is finding out if I could of played a word better. You can find this out before your play. This feature helps with my future game play, and strategy. But, I’m not going to give you all my word game secrets

scoring in the mobile game words with friends 2 brain teaser © 2018 DearCreatives.com

I really am trying to increase my letter play.

  • My highest game score is 429
  • Avg. score is 268
  • Unique Words Play 2164
  • All tiles Played 16 times (this is awesome when you do)
  • My longest word HOVERING
  • Best Scoring Word ZEST 

What are your stats? I may be average but, I love a good challenge. 

grab your favorite iced blended drink, and play this brain game #WordsWithFriends2 DearCreatives.com

You can find me by my user name (TheresaH.) I can’t wait to get a new game started with you! I already have my iced blended coffee in hand. I promise to share the recipe soon but, until then…

Are you ready to play?

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