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Do you know someone who is pregnant or planning to have a baby? I do, my oldest daughter. We are talking about making a birth plan. I don’t typically write about motherhood or childbirth but this family topic is important. Childbirth can be beautiful. Other times childbirth can be complicated when it comes time to deliver your baby. Having a birth plan in place to cover all your potential needs is so important.

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Birth Plan 

Birth Plan - Are you planning to become pregnant or are pregnant_ See why it's important to make a birth plan, and grab resources to help you make informed choices #birthplan #pregnancy #pregnant #motherhood #becomingamom #choicematters #sponsored #momsmeet


Choices Matter is a campaign designed to empower patients to be more informed about their pain management choices, especially for women who may be planning for their child’s birth.

As a mom to five, and soon to be grandma in October I know that each birth of a child is unique. Not all are easy, sometimes they can be complicated, and require medications. Especially, if you are going to have a C-section.

  1. More than 1 in 3 women have had to have a C-section delivery and overall 1 in 5 C-sections are unplanned
  2. Having a birth plan is important (36% of women don’t have a birth plan)

Talking with your doctor about pain management options, including non-opioids (and opioids) is important. Knowing what options are available to you beforehand can help you make better decisions for you, and your baby. 

Most moms have concerns surrounding opioids, and childbirth

  • Impact on baby at breastfeeding
  • Side effects
  • 24% 0f moms surveyed fear the risk of dependence or addiction
  • Mom-s often think that they will be able to handle the pain without opioids, and some have no issue with it or let the doctors choose for them.
  • Yet 9 out of 10 women have concerns about taking opioids during, and after childbirth. Despite these concerns, more than half of C-section patients are prescribed an opioid.
  • Many C-section patients are less satisfied with their overall pain management. 

Birth Plan - Are you planning to become pregnant or are pregnant_ See why it's important to make a birth plan, and grab resources to help you make informed choices #birthplan #pregnancy #pregnant #motherhood #becomingamom #choicematters #sponsored #momsmeet

I have seen firsthand that not having a birth plan or being uninformed can cause you to make “in the moment” decisions. No one has time to go over all the pros and cons, safety, and benefits of opioids or non-opioids if there isn’t time to make those decisions. Not only that but- you can be in so much pain that you choose anything to stop the pain vs. knowing what to ask for

Childbirth planning

If you or someone you know is planning to have a baby visit planagainstpain.com to learn more about non-opioid pain relieving options following C-section surgery. Not only that they also have resources for you to learn more about women’s health and pain treatment options… 

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