Book Review “StoryBranding” by Jim Signorelli

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I recently had the opportunity to read and review a book about branding. Why would I be interested in branding you say? First of all, being a blogger and small business owner with one day thinking of growing big dreams from humble beginnings, learning is key. How could you not be interested in branding? When I had the chance to apply for this opportunity I jumped in and never looked back. At first, I thought what did I get myself into? Was this going to be a hard read having no prior knowledge of branding? I luckily found out that it is an easily read book about branding told with examples, stories, with challenges later in the book for yourself.

StoryBranding Available on Amazon

Here is why I found this book helpful. Having no prior knowledge of branding it provides the reader with the background they need on the subject explaining the process of branding and why it is important for you to think about. I found it interesting to read about examples of what worked and backfired for companies which gave me a better perspective of what things to think about.

My favorite things about the book are:

  • That the end of each chapter has bullet points of important key points for review and for quick reference.
  • “Storybranding is based on a premise that brands should strive for authenticity, “quoted from book StoryBranding.
  • Finding out key points like,” Most successful brands are typically those who have known and followed their grain from the start.” Quoted from book StoryBranding.
  • How to find out your authentic voice and branding style/fit – build a brand that connects with your customers
  • Simple ways of marketing to today’s customers by telling the story of the product/brand
  • Examples of how to do I am statements and Story Brief
  • References and suggested reading at the end of the book

What I didn’t care for were some of the lackluster illustrations being a visual person, but this isn’t about art, right. Don’t expect this to be an exciting read, it is an educational book, but easily read. This book is a good read for anyone wanting to dip into knowing about branding and marketing without having to know all the professional terms. I think it would be beneficial to anyone who blogs with a small business, marketers, advertisers and other entrepreneurs especially if you don’t have money to hire an advertising agency for your branding or marketing.


What branding or marketing books have you read? What books have helped your creative small business?


Disclosure: I received a copy of StoryBranding by Jim Signorelli from Greenleaf Book Group for free in order to read and to review.

StoryBranding Available on Amazon

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