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Dear Creatives, Happy Monday to you! I hope your weekend was enjoyable. The weather was stunning here this weekend & almost summer like by mid day. But, that kind of weather I am far from ready for! We spent some time weeding, cleaning in the yard & replanting plants ready for continued growth, along with some transplants from seeds birds must have planted or dropped in the yard. Today I thought I would share with you a few flowers from the garden & let you know I am editing some photographs along with prepping some craft posts.

{cactus flower}

I wanted to post today, but wasn’t ready. I had to spend the afternoon & into the evening helping Sammie with a project. She has to write a report on something about California History & the project she picked to create was a game, so I helped her making her game. I’ll have to share it because I think it came out pretty good with our collaboration.


{rabbits ear lavender}

She still has work to do on it & the summary to do, but headway is made! Thank goodness! Over spring break I had taken her to the Petrified Forest, when those photos are done I will share a few. We enjoyed it very much & the gift shop was filled with so many rocks, fossils, nature items & books.

Before you go venture off to these other sites check out these gardening tips -video tutorial s right here!

Here is a round up of some great sites for tips for your spring garden or getting started on one:

What did you do over this past weekend?

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    1. Hi Audra, Your welcome! Thanks for dropping in,linking up & the follow!! See you again soon!

    1. Hi Connie,Your welcome. I hope you get to visit any of the nature & garden sites for your tips. It was fun at the Petrified Forest, especially if you love nature,geology,rocks & of course big trees. Thanks for your visit, hope to see you again soon!

    1. Thank you Laura & nice to have you come by & visit. I hope to see you again.

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