Give Your Skin a Healthy Glow With This Easy Beauty Regimen + Sparkly Makeup

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Hey beauty lovers. How are you starting out the new year? Hopefully not with dry dull skin. We are sharing beauty tips, and makeup to give your skin that healthy glow. Are you ready for a new beauty routine? If not you should be. 

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Right now is the perfect time to hydrate your skin, to give your skin that healthy glow back. With all the dry indoor heat, and cold frigid air outdoors your face needs more tlc. We are sharing a few beauty tips, and products to make your skin healthier. Then a few products for making your skin, hair, and nails party ready with sparkle. 

Healthy Glow Beauty Regimen 

Always start with eating healthy, and exercise. Even a daily walk at an elevated pace to get the blood flowing. Next a good skin care beauty routine. 

Start out by washing your face, and giving yourself a facial at home.

Try this Facial Sheet Mask  an individual mask with revitalizing properties that will target issues for softer, smoother skin + an even, healthy complexion. Cleanse + dry face thoroughly, apply mask, let sit for 15-20 minutes and then peel off gently for results you’ll love. These facial sheets come in varieties for every skin type, and need.

Want to start the new year with a 2-week skin care regimen of skin care? Grab this 14 day Facial Sheet Mask Set. Each mask nourishes skin and targets specific concerns to keep skin healthy, glowing and so rejuvenated, no matter what your concern is. Use for 2 weeks to reveal soft, stunning skin. There is even one for up all night, perfect for the New Year’s Day. Brightens with citrus lime and niacinamide for a luminous complexion.

Right now, you can grab the TonyMoly I’m Real Mask Sheets 2 for $5 which is perfect for anyone looking for a great product, at a great price. Try cactus, seaweed, rice, avocado, and so many more masks to pick from. (lto) 

Moisturize! No matter what skin type you have you should moisturize this time of year. 

  1. Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer  This is an affordable beauty product, and great for sensitive skin. 
  2. Volition Oceanene Youth-Boost Gel  Youth-Boost gel is good for all skin types. It has anti-aging ingredients and performance, this lightweight, quick-absorbing moisturizer is NOT heavy, thick or perfumed. 
  3. It Secret Sauce (this is the priciest of them all but, if you want to try it you can with this sampler)
  4. Looking for a moisturizer with sunscreen? BareMinerals Advanced Protection SPF 20 Moisturizer or Clinique Pep-Start Hydrorush Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20

If not using a moisturizer be sure to at least use an anti aging serum. These are two skin care products I’ve tried, and loved both. SoBo is my favorite but, pricier of the two. 

I blasted through my bottle of SoBo anti aging serum. This is a product that is perfect any time of year. It’s light, uses all natural ingredients, including seaweed extract. It’s on the pricier end. This is one of my favorite’s I’ve tried for the climate we live in, hot summers, and cold dessert dry winters.

On the lower end of cost spectrum is  I’ve tried this line of products from L’Oreal, and liked how they worked, for the price. If your on a budget this might be a good pick for you. 

With your skin all glowing, and pretty. Now get ready to party with sparkle. It doesn’t have to be New Year’s to sparkle in my book. Sammie loves sparkle for dances,  winter formals, and prom dates. I love a little sparkle when heading to the beach. A touch of mermaid can be fun.

Get Skin, nails, and lips party ready with these cosmetics

  1. For highlighting this palette, Moon Glow Kit has a softest powders, and shimmering glitters.
  2. Right now 2 for $8 are a whole lot of sparkly nail polishes. (lto) 
  3. Roll on Shimmer Body Glitter (in 4 choices)
  4. Winky Lux Glitter Balm is so pretty.
  5. Milk Makeup pretty glowing makeup. 
  6. Face, Body, and Hair Glitter set

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What is your favorite beauty product for making your skin glow? 

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    1. Hi Stacie, Yes! I love gold shadow with hints of glitter. I have glitter body lotions too that are fun for when you go out into the sun. I wear glitter eye shadow often but, Sammie does on occasion for dances.

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