Easy Watermelon Cupcakes

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Do you or your kids love watermelon? We are sharing how easy it is to make watermelon cupcakes. They look super cute on a tray or plate for serving. If you have been reading my blog for any time now you know how much we love to bake. With spring here and summer not far behind we love to get in all the baking we can before it gets too hot here. Using a cupcake mix is an easy way to whip up cupcakes in a flash!

We received a box mix from Betty Crocker for their watermelon cupcakes. Let’s make these and see how they turned out! Looking for another cupcake recipe? Go here, Cupcake Recipes

Watermelon Cupcakes

Watermelon Cupcakes - easy to make watermelon cupcakes recipe made from a box mix. Two ways to make the cupcakes. Perfect for a kids party, spring or summer cupcakes.

If you are a watermelon lover like we are you will enjoy these. The cupcakes are so easy that Sammie can practically make them by herself! Yes, all that baking together is paying off. She cracked the eggs, measured the water and oil and mixed them according to the directions.

I loved how they smelled when they were mixed up. Sammie had to taste it. Of course, I shared she should not have a raw batter. Oh, mom! lol

How to prepare box mix cupcakes (with images)

Betty Crocker Watermelon cupcakes being made by a child_making cupcakes_

  1. Read your cupcake box mix recipe
  2. Pre-heat oven
  3. Add water, oil, and egg according to the directions
  4. Use a hand mixer or baking spoon to mix the batter
  5. When well blended add the batter into pre-lined cupcake pans.
  6. Bake according to the directions. 

We found the cutest red with white polka dot liners. I’m obsessed with cute cupcake liners and even have a cute giant pickle jar full of the extras. Anyway, back to our baking. Into the oven they went, about a short 15 minutes wait time.

un-frosted cupcakes on a plate_

They were perfect and we let them cool. Don’t you just hate waiting? Once they were cool we frosted them with Betty Crocker’s watermelon frosting. And even decided to add some sour watermelon candies to the top. 

Inside of Watermelon Cupcake_ Watermelon cupcake cut in half_ Cupcakes_

These cupcakes are fun, easy to make and taste like watermelon. They have cute little watermelon looking seeds inside. My kids have never liked frosting! Can you imagine!?? But, Mr. and I enjoy our cupcakes frosted. Frosted or not you are sure to enjoy making and eating these watermelon cupcakes. I saved you one! 

Watermelon Cupcakes_

#BiteIntoSummer by baking up a batch creating your own summertime treat by making fun to eat cupcakes or even a watermelon slice shaped cake!

Disclosure: I did receive watermelon cupcake mix and frosting from General Mills to facilitate this post. These are my 100% honest opinions. We hope you enjoy this new watermelon flavor too! 

Easy Watermelon Cupcakes

Betty Crocker Watermelon Cake Mix and Frosting

Perfect for kids parties, barbecues or your spring and summer gatherings.

If you can’t find this cake mix (which is found at Target) Use the alternative directions below. 

How to make watermelon cupcakes

  1. Grab a white cake mix
  2. Then add watermelon flavoring.
  3. Add pink coloring to the batter by using cake batter food coloring.
  4. Make the vanilla cupcakes according to the cake box mix, adding the watermelon flavoring and food coloring. 
  5. Don’t forget to add mini chocolate chips or watermelon candy. Or other watermelon cupcake toppers

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  1. These are sooooooooooo beautiful and cute!!
    I’m jelouse that you have these Betty Crocker’s products. We don’t…..
    I’d definitely love to eat these cupcakes 🙂

  2. Very cute cup cakes! I love them! Thanks for sharing on Saturday Dishes.

    I pinned them.
    Diane Roark

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