10 Easy Ways To Update Your Outdoor Space

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Update your outdoor space – Grab ideas for refreshing your patios, backyard spaces, and outdoor sitting areas. Most of us are stuck at home, right? And even when you are not; Why not refresh your outdoor space? Extending your living space is more important than ever since we are stuck at home more. And it’s also good for our well being! 

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If your outdoor space needs a little TLC maybe it’s time to pick up a few supplies and dig in. There is no magic wand to get it done just take this inspiration and get motivated to get outdoors in your patio, yard, backyard or deck spaces and spruce them up. Of course, there is the general clean up, mowing and trimming bushes… but, after that, it’s all about setting up your space to enjoy it! 

Update Your Outdoor Space 

10 Easy Ways To Update Your Outdoor Spaces - DearCreatives.com


10 Easy Ways To Update Your Outdoor Space 

  1. Add new outdoor pillows to your chairs
  2. Get an indoor/outdoor rug for your space (extend your living space)
  3. Plant plants in planters
  4. Hang up a hanging planter 
  5. Purchase a new umbrella shade (ours is pretty much toast after a year or two due to the extreme heat we get in the summer)
  6. Add outdoor mood lighting for the evenings
  7. Make a designated garden space with raised bed planters for either flower beds, herbs or garden vegetables
  8. Spray Paint metal chairs and table bases (updating paint does wonders for old sets!)
  9. Invest in a new patio set 
  10. Hang up a hummingbird feeder 

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Refresh Your Patios

Refresh Your Outdoor Space, Patios and Indoor space by adding plants


Why add plants to your home and garden? 

First off, plants are good for you. Indoor plants and outdoor plants. Indoor plants are good oxygenators (snake plant, aloe vera, areca palm, money plant…)*source meaning they refresh the air we breathe. Which is good for you while you are indoors. Read more about all the benefits of plants. Plain and simple they are good for our well being! 

By planting plants outdoors, sprucing up your patios and updating your outdoor space (big or small) you will be able to sit and enjoy the better weather outdoors. Doing this can brighten your spirits while enjoying an extension of your living space.

Want To Get Started Sprucing Up Your Space?

All you need is good potting soil, a garden planter or planters, (cute) quality garden gloves, and this 3-piece garden set to get started! 

What to plant? 

Grab a new outdoor chair for relaxing and reading outdoors!

  • This is my favorite outdoor chair! I love having coffee on my patio space, especially in the mornings when the weather is nice. Do you? I also enjoy listening to podcasts and music while sitting outdoors, having a pair of wireless earbuds makes it easy. (plus if you walk or run you can use them for that too) Right now, I found this pair on sale at Target (wireless earbuds). Both are high quality but, slightly different. 

Add potted plants to your indoor/outdoor areas 

ceramic planters opalhouse

Indoor/Outdoor Planters 

Need more inspiration and ideas for your patio spaces? 

  1. Check out these ideas; Style Meets Patio I have to admit I’m gravitating toward the boho eclectic style. Which style is your favorite? 
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  3. Are you ready to refresh other spaces in your home? Right now, SAVE 25% furniture for every room at Target 

I’ll be sharing ways we are updating our patio and backyard, if you are new here don’t forget to subscribe and pin it for later. I hope it’s sunny outside and you get to go outdoors soon! xoxo Theresa 

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