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Recipes, Meal Planning & Creating Helpful Organized Menu Plans

Dear Creatives, Being organized for easy dinner menus & meal planning is often challenging. I thought I would share recipes & meal plans that I am using to create my weekly meals. Hopefully at the end of the year I will have a great collection of recipes to mix & match from. I thought I would use to create the list so you can see recipes I am trying. When trying new recipes I will try to make note of changes I made of  how they turned out (& even share step by step as I go along on occasion) and share the results with you. I hope this will help you with your meal planning. You can also see meals I have saved on Ziplist along with my own recipes page. If you have a recipe to share feel free to link-up in the weekly Inspiration Spotlight or leave a link in the comments! I hope this meal planning helps me (us) be more organized to have time to be more creative.

The order that I am trying these meals this week is: Baked Macaroni & Cheese + green beans, Mexican Chicken Lime Soup+ green salad, Chicken & Black Bean Enchiladas, Next night left overs +salad, Beef Stew, next night left overs, Beet Salad + green salad.

Some of the left overs will be used as lunches for Sammie & I.  This meal plan should take care of the week. We adjust some recipes to half sizes as there are only 3 of us. When we use full recipes we have the left overs for lunches or as leftovers. You will have to adjust to your family size & tastes as needed or what kinds of foods you enjoy cooking, but hopefully you will find at least one new recipe to use yourself if not the whole menu.

We’ve had the habit of going to the store often & being a bit disorganized about what we are cooking so I have decided to be a bit more proactive with my meal planning. Not only to save time & money, but to eat earlier & be healthier. When planning I also looked at what would be on sale this week at the store. Chicken, beef being two of the more expensive items were on sale & not every meal will have a meat. (I may or may not have chicken in the enchiladas it may end up being corn & black beans) What ever we decide it is to help us have easy dinner recipes.

One tip I do have is if you have a free Ziplist Account you can create a standing shopping list of what you know you need. Add items to it from recipes, or adjust as needed then print or email to phone. Also you can create your meal planning calendar there.

How do you meal plan?

What is a time saving trick you have? 


my: Minestrone Soup

 Recipe Page

 & this week’s meal plan:

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