Online Jewelry Making Class

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Dear Creatives, Have you ever wanted to learn how to make jewelry? The kind that doesn’t cost you a fortune to make or learn? Well I am excited for two reasons. Right now this Online Jewelry Making Class is on sale. It is an online class! Yeah, I don’t have time to drive to a class & love that it offers you the ability to learn it from home. When you buy it you have access for ever! & it’s 100% guaranteed. Let me tell you about this Epoxy Jewelry making class being offered on Craftsy.

Hey, don’t worry if this jewelry making class isn’t for you they have Daily Crafting Deals But, why am I excited out about this class? Two reasons; one I’d love to take it myself at the current sale price of $19.99 vs $39.99. At either price is a great price!! I looked at taking a similar class this summer in Petaluma, CA (& 5 hrs.away) & it was over $150. with registration fees, travel expenses…on top of it! & if you are creative I know that you can take these class skills & spread your wings making even more items when you get good with making things. Maybe even sell things down the road. Again if, you rather check out all Craftsy classes here is where you can see them all listed in one spot & even look at their sales class list.

epoxy jewelry making examples

What you get in the class;

  • How to mix, color, shape and mold epoxy clay
  • How to add clay, crystals and found objects to bezels
  • How to make filigree, armatures and free-form shapes
  • Paper and photo transfer techniques
  • Finishing touches like polish and findings

& much, much more. visit to watch video about the class & view what has been shared by members who have taken the class! Over 1000 people have taken this class. Don’t miss out on all the classes right now during Craftsy Sale

I just have to say I am so excited about this class. I have been wanting to find something new to do & this is perfect for me. I hope you find a class that suits your creative needs by visiting   Craftsy & seeing what they are offering right now. When I get started I will be sure to share photos!
Online Jewelry Making Classes

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