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Hello there I hope your week is off to a good start creatively! I thought I would share this baby quilt I put together for my daughter who is having a boy. I didn’t use a pattern I used a simple block style and on the back is one color then I used decorative stitching. This one is all machine quilted. I used vibrant fabrics with patterns when piecing it together. There are pinwheels, kites with suns, stars, stripes and squares. I guess I could of shot a better picture. When the bindings on I’ll take another!
This baby quilt is a Toddler size quilt
You can see as I flip it over I stitched around the squares with a leaf – line pattern. 
I made a matching little pillow and put the leaf pattern along the top and bottom of it.

Speaking of binding. That is something I need to get better at. On this quilt I just used a silk type blanket binding I made from fabrics I had here at home. I think I am going to make a special handmade quilt which will be smaller, baby size and just have to decide on the pattern, purchase materials and do a little research on binding. The one above is the kind the little one can take everywhere! 

I thought I would share a You Tube Video to a baby quilt tutorial that has four parts to get you started on your own project. This is part one. You can see the others on You Tube if you like, they take you from start to finish. I’ll keep you posted as I go along on my next project. Also I may also do an art quilt / hanging with some remnants I have laying around. Any how, summer is here! The kiddo is at home and I better get back to my mom duties. I hope you are finding time to fit some creative things in this summer!!

I’d love to know what your planning, do tell!

Sharing is caring!

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