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You know how I’ve been working on Sammie’s Halloween costume for the Evil Queen well, a huge part of the look is the hair and makeup. We’ve been wanting to do a trial run of the makeup and Halloween beauty look to go with the costume. I never suggest waiting to the last minute to throw together a makeup look  to go with your costume. It’s so easy to forgot beauty supplies, it can add stress and even make the process take longer. Today I am sharing  a tutorial for creating a Halloween look The Evil Queen, along with some tips for putting the makeup on and makeup removal.

Doing a trial Halloween makeup run can speed up the day of Halloween looks. You can have a list of beauty supplies needed,  plus if you miss anything you can add to them to a list and be prepared.No scrambling around at the last minute with your hyped up and anxious kids to get out the door! You also get a better gauge of how long it will take to create your Halloween look for that day.

I’m providing a step by step tutorial & makeup list for this Evil Queen Look;

Evil Queen Makeup _ final Image Glamour Makeup_ Halloween Makeup
I’ve provided a list of supplies to make it easier for you. Make your Halloween look flawless and fabulous! At the end of the night you can #WipeAwayTheDay and have them ready for bed in no time flat!
Makeup_ Hairbrush _ Makeup Mirror_

Here are the supplies you need to create the Evil Queen Makeup Look;

  • Eye Shadow’s –  (gold, white, black, red)
  • Eye Liners (brown, black)
  • Mascara (black) or False Eye lashes (kit)
  • Brown eye filler for brows (Sammie is only 13 I did not pluck or shape her brows)
  • Deep Red Lip Liner
  • Deep Red Lipstick
  • Red Lip Gloss
  • Fair Makeup Foundation
  • White or very light powder
  • Shimmering Angel Body Powder (every evil queen needs a little sparkle)
  • Neutrogena Wipes

I’ve been creating makeup looks for Halloween for many years now and with five kids and a daughter for a cosmetologist you learn a few tricks. One of the hero’s for this Evil Queen Makeup Look not only is the makeup but,  is Neutrogena wipes because while you are creating the look there will be times you need to gently wipe away mistakes and make a new eyeliner line or blip from when the kids move!

Evil Queen Makeup Before and

Here are the steps to creating your Halloween Makeup Look;

  • Always start with a clean face! If your teen or you wears makeup have them use Neutrogena wipes to remove makeup.
  • Allow their skin to air dry before starting
  • Seal the skin with a non oil moisturizer
  • Put the base coat foundation on skin
  • Put a foundation or eye shadow base on eyelids (examples in image one below)
  • Add light powder for staying power
  • Outline and add lipstick

step by step makeup tutorial for evil queen makeup tutorial

  • click image to enlarge

At this point your child may need a break and if your child is younger make sure to give them plenty of breaks not candy, lol. Well, not yet any way. I wait until they start getting really antsy.

  • For the eyes after the base is on add white eye shadow all the way up to the brow line
  • In the center of the eyelid add the gold eye shadow
  • At the corner all the way through eyelid crease add red eye shadow and  blend edges with the gold
  • At the corner of the eyes add black eye shadow over the red and blend

Side view Makeup

  • After blended add liner on the top and bottom of the eyelids
  • You may need several coats of eyeliner and for a more dramatic look make a line kind of like a triangle where the bottom and top eyelash line meets and fill it in (refer to first image in post)
  • Curl the lashes and add mascara to the top and bottom of lashes or add fake lashes per the directions on the box like we did

Girl holding Neutrogena Wipes and taking off makeup_

What a shame to have to take it all off right? But, what fun we’ll have on Halloween with this years Halloween Costume and Makeup! At the end of the day Neutrogena wipes are the perfect tool for meeting the Halloween #NeutrogenaFaceOff  but, don’t forget all the other uses!

Neutrogena Wipes

Who ever said these wipes were just for makeup? I’ve used them for other things too.

  • cleaning paint brushes
  • cleaning makeup brushes
  • cleaning the keyboard of your computer
  • after gym class or a workout

The year I created her vampire makeup I didn’t use Neutrogena wipes I seriously regretted not being prepared. I used a wash cloth and had to scrub the makeup off my tired kid who had trick or treated all night. But, you don’t have to make that mistake you can easily grab some at your local Walmart! Prices under $7. and two pack refills for $9.94

Walmart Beauty Isle_Neutrogena Makeup Wipes and other beauty products

  • You can grab your makeup wipes and other supplies from Walmart right at this aisle.
  • Show off your Halloween look and how you use Neutrogena wipes to remove your #Halloween or makeup looks use the hashtag #NeutrogenaFaceOff

Want to join in some pre Halloween fun with prizes? Sure you do! Meet me for Neutrogena’s twitter party with #CollectiveBias;

#WipeAwayTheDay Twitter Party on 10/29 at 11AM-12PM EST 

Hope to see you there!

What are your kids or you dressing up for this Halloween?

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