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Santa Margarita Lake, CA Photography, Zipline Tours, Travel

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Dear Creatives, This past weekend we went to the Mr.’s work Barbecue at Lake Santa Margarita I thought I’d share the photographs with you, along with what you can do if you visit the area. I often live vicariously through other people’s travel photos mapping out places I’d love to travel to. We only had to drive about 40 minutes south east from where we live through a small still standing western town. Just outside of town about 8 miles or so is Lake Santa Margarita.

You travel along roads that have beautiful grasslands, oak trees, farms, ranches & even a winery or two. Every now & then you will see a rock formation jetting out in the land. Sometimes you will see patches of sandy areas. It gets quite warm, but there is a breeze from the ocean that sets in through the valleys in between the mountain ranges. The views are stunning.

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Sammie & I walked quite a ways around the lake. Gathering feathers, acorns & she even found a sea shell. I wonder how the shell got there or maybe it was there from years ago & just surfaced through erosion. We spotted plenty of wildlife in their natural habitat. It was warm & walking in the late afternoon it felt even warmer. We stopped several times when we found shade to cool a bit before going on. It was good to spend time disconnecting from technology & having family time prior to the trip. The Mr.’s company paid for them to take a zip line excursion. Since Sammie has a broken arm we didn’t participate, but here is a video from Margarita Adventures of the zip line trip.


Zipline Overview: 

  • The Renegade The sweeping views from the start of the Renegade line will take your breath away—and so will the ride itself. Departing from a looming hill-crest, you will soar 1,300 feet across a grassy valley and into an awaiting oak forest along a rugged flank of the Santa Lucia Mountains.
  • The Woodlander Next, you will travel 800 feet over the canopies of native blue and white oak trees before touching down on a steeply pitched mountainside.
  • The Hilltopper For the next 500 feet, you emerge from the oaks and digger pines and glide down onto a bare hill, where you can take a breather before your final descent.
  • The Archway Finally, you will descend 800 feet back into the forest and under a natural archway of companion oaks before emerging to a wide-open panorama of vineyards and mountains.

As we drove back with the sun beginning to set it made me want to put another drive over there on the calendar as it starts to cool to see if we can explore the terrain further & other near by places like the old town of Poso. There is camping nearby, boats are allowed but no swimming. I would say this time of year Sept.- Oct. would be perfect for visiting as you don’t get the intense summer heat. My favorite place to visit around the Central Coast of California is out toward the ocean, more about that later. But for inland in our area this place is beautiful. I have listed a few places & sites around the Santa Margarita Lake area in case you would ever like to plan a trip.

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Video of catching bass at the lake (this one’s for the boys!)

KOA Campground SML (nearby, but not at the lake)

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CA. Yoga & Nature Retreat:

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