DIY LIP BALM – Recipe + How To Make Lip Balm

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DIY lip balm to make and use or to make for gifts. Use this on your lips for any time of year, especially winter and summer or when your lips get chapped and dry. How to make lip balm – Making lip balm is easier than you think. You can make this in lip balm small beauty jars or use our other beauty recipe shown at the end of the post to make chap lip balm (in chapsticks). 

Living nearby the beach, and in an area that gets windy afternoons, lip balm is essential to caring for your lips! Not only is this fun to make, but it’s also awesome to use! 

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DIY Lip Balm - Grab the recipe and see how to make lip balm. Nautral, homemade lip balm perfect for your lips or to make to gift someone. DearCreatives.com


  1. organic shea butter 
  2. sweet almond oil 
  3. natural beeswax pellets
  4. raw honey
  5. essential oil extract (optional) for flavoring NOTE: Make sure it’s organic and therapeutic grade like this essential oil set I used the (orange scent) which is sold alone too.

Supplies needed

  1. lip gloss jars with lids – (clear glass lip balm jars with black lids) OR (clear glass lip balm jars with white lids) We used glass jars. Make sure your plastic jars can be heated! I have not tried this with plastic jars. 
  2. a small pot or double boiler
  3. (optional) thermometer
  4. stainless steel mixing spoon (that can fit into the jar for stirring)
  5. eyedropper if it doesn’t come with your essential oils
  6. heat resistant oven mitts
  7. potholder or kitchen towel
  8. butter knife
  9. Paper towel or cotton kitchen towel


Holding-round-white-and-pink-lip-balm- DIY Lip Balm - DearCreatives.com


  • Prior to starting to make the lip balm, you need to wash and sanitize jars and let them air dry. 

  • Set up your workspace ensuring it is clean and has all the tools you will need. 

  • Follow the directions below, it’s easy to make lip balm! 

How to make Lip Balm With Beeswax 


Fill a pot with water 1/4 of the pot should be filled. Bring water to a boil and reduce heat. (If using a double boiler add water to the bottom of the pot, add the boiler pot onto it and bring water to a boil, then reduce heat.)
Melting beeswax in a jar on the stove in a pot of water to make lip balm DIY LIP BALM - how to and recipe at - DearCreatives.com

  1. Add the ingredients except for the essential oils into the jar.
    INGREDIENTS AMOUNTS: (1 TABLESPOON shea butter, 1 TABLESPOON sweet almond oil, 1-1/2 TEASPOON beeswax pellets, 1/2 TEASPOON raw honey)
  2. Place the jar (with ingredients) into the water and allow the beauty ingredients to melt, while stirring occasionally. 
  3. When melted remove from heat carefully with an oven mitt (Lift from the top of the jar, without getting near melted ingredients or into the water) or use another heat-protected pad.
  4. Then set it onto an oven pad/pot holder or protected surface. 
    melted beeswax in a small container sitting on a pot holder - how to make lip balm DearCreatives.com
  5. Add essential oils scent of your choice (1 TEASPOON) into the jar with the melted ingredients. (We like wild sweet orange)
  6. Then stir well. (Optionally, If you want to tint your lip balm you can use 3-4 drops of food coloring, stir in well.)
  7. Let the lip balm cool completely.
  8. Scrape off any excess to ensure that the jar lid can properly be closed. 

Lip balm after it's cooled before adding the lid to homemade lip balm. DearCreatives.com

Lid the jar. 

Optionally you can use cellophane bags with twist ties to gift the homemade lip balm with honey to someone. 

homemade lip balm wrapped for a gift. See the DIY Lip Balm - how to make lip balm and lip balm recipe at DearCreatives.com

PRO TIPS: Work in small batches when making at home. Have all your supplies pre-purchased, and tools needed. Clean, sanitize and dry your jars in advance. Keep your beauty recipe handy. This will make it really easy if you are a beginner! If you want to tint your lip balm you can use 3-4 drops of food coloring. Do not put an excess of essential oils in products they are strong. They must be mixed with the carrier oils when used. The scent will be stronger after the lip balm has hardened. Plus you don’t want to over fragrance your natural beauty products. 

How to use natural lip balm?

Before you apply your lip balm to your lips, gently remove dead skin from your lips by using a lip scrub (which also has helpful healing oils) and then apply the homemade lip balm. 

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