Easy DIY Utensil Carrier And Cloth Picnic Napkins

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One of our favorite National holidays is the fourth of July. Parades, picnics, kite flying, swimming and ending the day with a lovely evening under the stars watching fireworks. Although, with the high fire seasons in CA. I have to admit it has put a damper on those pretty fireworks but, we have managed to do it all and end the night with viewing the NYC Fireworks display and show on television. This year we will be in NYC and get to see them in person! You bet we are preparing for a festive fourth of July and today’s super easy DIY utensil carrier and cloth napkins will fit the bill to a T. Where ever you picnic or for carrying your utensils to the patio this utensil carrier will come in handy and make an easy table decor idea. Just insert your favorite cloth napkins. Handmade or otherwise, utensils cups, straws or drinks and have your hands free for other things. It’s the perfect solution to hep you and look pretty on your table. But, shhh it’s super cheap and easy to make! Now, I grabbed my utensil carrier after purchasing some of our favorite Izzie Sodas from Bev Mo. Don’t run down there and wait until opening like on commercials where they are saying open, open, open with a crazed look in your eye and the clerk opens the door and you trample them down! Easy DIY Utensil Carrier _ Just casually drop by pick up your favorite beverage and bring home the carrier to recycle into this utensil carrier. Why you might even enjoy one of the beverages while your crafting it! Beverage carrier and craft materials for DIY project_

Supplies needed for this Utensil Carrier DIY:

  • Scrap-book paper (any thick or thin card stock in red, white and blue / I used My Mind’s Eye)
  • Extra Strong Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Recycle a Bev Mo carrier

Utensil carrier with cloth napkins and supplies_ Lay the paper down good side down and put your carrier on top of it and trace the outline of the four sides you need to cut. Cut them out and glue them on! See I said it was easy! Next after using the glue stick for attaching paper to carrier I cut out the flag pattern and glued them on across on each end side of the utensil carrier. I measured and folded paper around the handle area. I also thought of using twine but, couldn’t find it at the time I was doing this one. Red-White-Blue-Utensil carrier with cloth napkins and utensils Of course you could use scrap paper embellishments but, I had this and that’s what I decided to use. I used plastic cups in each section with the utensils we needed along with the cloth napkins. On the back side I put a few drinks, straws for the kids along with extra cups. Close up of Sewn cloth napkins_Theresa Huse 2014-8897 Be sure to subscribe or follow along with Facebook to see how I made my cloth napkins. These were made from scraps but, I’m making some more with other fabric I ordered. What do you enjoy most about the summer picnics or the 4th of July?

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