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Dear Creatives, I was busy working on a website the past few days. Almost to the point of being on the computer too much. Do you ever feel like you hit the wall? I promised myself today that I will be not working on the computer all day. I haven’t had time to many things on my checklist, not to mention Sammie has a short day due to parent conferences. I recently rediscovered Polyvore.com.

No, I hadn’t forgot about Polyvore, its just been awhile. It is rather fun if you have limited time as you can save your drafts & go back to work on things. If you like fashion, graphics & putting things together then you probably will love this site. Have you ever visited or made things there? There are even contests to enter with your fashion plates.


I decided to share a few sets I created today to show those who haven’t ever been to the site. This was for 9 West Shoes & screams spring! Florals, florals, florals.


There is a lot of talent over there & many pretty sets to look at. This is a set I did for the launch of Mad Men which is coming March 25th.I only watched it a few times. I know this show was pretty popular. Do you watch Mad Men?


This set was just for fun. I added the sunglasses as I was looking through them trying to figure out what brand & style I wanted since I broke my good ones! I wouldn’t buy the ones on the set for myself, but did like them.


If you are on Polyvore be sure & add me. I don’t hang out there a lot, but would love to look at your sets. You can leave me your screen name in comments too if you like.


Now I had to leave you with this set can you guess why? If you like fashion, art & design then you will enjoy Polyvore. I go by Msartist on Polyvore. I never cared about following or being followed, but I did find out if you have 30 followers you can create a group, which might be fun to have a DearCreatives group there. So add me if you are there & I will try to make at least 1-2 sets a week. I have been enjoying a little creative time & inspiration there lately.

Have you ever made sets on Polyvore? Whats your favorite spring fashion pick? 

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway! Its the last day to & if you have something creative just link up here!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my site today!

    I always wondered how bloggers put together those sets. Thanks for posting about that site. Now I have something else to spend time doing!

    1. Hi Laila, Thanks for visiting, you might get addicted. lol Hope you get to make some sets.

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