Online #Photography Classes And Workshops: Photography Basics and Food Photography

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Do you love photography? Want to improve on it? I know I do! No matter what skill level there is always something to take away from watching people style for photography shoots, give Easy DIY Improvement projects tips for your photography. Photography tutorials from camera basics to lighting, styling set ups then ending ready to edit. Today I wanted to share some free classes I signed up for and what I am taking to improve my photography skills. No matter what skill level your at or type of photography your doing this post will help you!

You will be able to find these photography classes for free and when they are available. Of course if you don’t want to wait you can always purchase a class but, that is up to you! Whether you love to shoot photographs of your kids, do it as a hobby, are a blogger or need to learn styling, product or food photography there is a class for you.

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Over the next few day’s I’ll be sharing some other great resources, class sales I heard about that can help you improve on your photography skills. I will also have a new summer series for photography. To kick things off I have a post with my own 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Photography! With 5 Easy Tips! Be sure to subscribe or follow on Facebook so you don’t miss out!

Now who are the photography classes  below good for? Bloggers, parents, hobbyists and professionals can all learn from the varied class offerings. First off let me tell you about a class I am taking! PS. Sign Up’s are free!

I am excited for these free upcoming Free e classes at Creative Live;

  • The Photography Starter Kit with John Greengo   In this: Three-hour course, you’ll learn the principles of good photography and get the skills necessary to create it. You will also gain a solid understanding of must-know lighting and composition techniques. This class has all the basics you’ll need to start improving and get to know your camera!

Tell a Story Through Your Food Photography Styling_Olive oil being poured over salmon in a baking dish

Food Photography Alert!

This is definitely one of the areas I’d love to improve on. I think food can be one of the most difficult for me to photograph and look appetizing! What about you? I know I am taking this class and super excited for it! If you have ever wondered how to create great styling, get great shots and how to execute them check out this class with Todd and Diane Porter! Can you hear me squealing? Yep, that excited! It starts today, be sure to pop over and check it out. And if you miss the class entirely you can still see when it’s available next.

What I love about these photography classes are available globally and online! You can check the schedules to see when the free classes are. If it suits you watch live. If you can’t make a day and were viewing live you can purchase classes at a discount while the classes are live. This includes course materials! Hello savings! Then again you can online class schedules and purchase or view free classes as you like for free just by using Facebook (that’s what I used) or signing up with email. Your choice but, free!

Again,  Creative Live is the classes are offered free on certain days/ times. I have loved all the classes I’ve taken so far and have learned so much! The classes aren’t just photography either they have many categories such as craft / maker, art/design, music/audio, money/ life.

Have you ever taken a CreativeLive course? What are you interested in learning?


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  1. How exciting! I can’t wait to check them out. Photography is definitely my weak spot, I never know what setting to use. I spent almost a whole year thinking there was a problem with one of my cameras because they pictures were always fuzzy and just recently learned that it was the settings I was using not the camera, lol

    1. Hi Allie, You’ll love them! I’ve been watching all day yesterday and learned so much! It’s live and free today, today is day two.

    1. Hi Cassie, They have a huge selection of classes. I wanted to share them as they have really helped me and hope it helps other bloggers or creative people.

  2. Thanks for the list. Photography is something I am personally interested in and I could also use some tips for blogging. Great resource. Now I have to make the time to try a class!

    1. Hi Sheila, I’ll keep my eye out for great blogging tips. I have a Pinterest board started with some great blogging tip and articles too. I also post blogging tips on my behind the blog posts. Thanks for coming by.

  3. Thank you for the photography advice. I will be checking out some of these classes as photography is most definitely something that needs a lot of improvement 🙂

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