Natural Makeup Ideas and Must Have Essential Natural Makeup

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Hey beauties it’s been a while since we posted any beauty tips. But, we are going to makeup for that today. No pun intended. We are sharing natural makeup ideas, and some new natural beauty products we have added to our bags. We hope your ready for trying some new makeup, and freshening up your makeup bags.

Natural Makeup Ideas

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You know how I have been on this kick for paring down on what we own. Can I say it’s been a one room at a time challenge. And now, we have gotten to our cosmetics. Between Sammie, and I we tossed so much stuff out it was crazy. Tons of lipsticks, shadows, and liners…. Don’t you just hate how they expire before they are used up? 

Today I have a solution to that problem, the natural beauty products we tried are from Stowaway Cosmetics. They carry smaller versions of makeup. What does that mean? Travel SIZED! Which is perfect for using up before they expire, traveling, and on the go.

Have you ever heard of Stowaway Cosmetics or tried any of their beauty products? Let me give you the 411, and then show you what we tried. 

Stowaway Cosmetics are

  • You can even RECYCLE – return the finished products, with a pre-paid return label. For every 3 products you return you get a $5 Stowaway credit.

What? That is just awesome! Let’s get a closer look at these beauties. 

Eye Shadow Palette

Essential Eye Palette light brown, and brown eye shadows in palette stowaway cosmetics © 2018 DearCreatives.com

First let me share all the beauty products we tried for free, thanks to Stowaway. As always we share our honest opinions, images, and text. Their beauty line is easily tucked into our handbags, and perfect for on the go. Hollar! Who is ready to plan spring break trips? Dreaming of summer, and dusting off winter blues?

  • Above is The Essential Eye Palette. They have the prettiest smoky eye palette too. You can buy these solo or bundled with mascara, and liner.
  1. The Essential Eye Palette
  2. Cantaloupe Rouge (blush, and lip color)
  3. Peony Lipstick
  4. Muted Plum  


cantaloupe blush, and lip color beauty product © 2018 DearCreatives.com

 I don’t wear eye shadows, liner, or mascara everyday. So, I have Sam is sharing the entire look below, with the first three. But, I did try the Muted Plum Lipstick, and cantaloupe lip and cheek rouge. (Shown above) I love how creamy, and easy they are to use. + Staying power. 

Cream Lipsticks

peony lipstick stowaway © 2018 DearCreatives.com

These beauties are top quality. This is only the lipstick tip we show in the image, and not the full lipstick, btw. What’s different is they are smaller, so hopefully  I know, we will use them up prior to them expiring.

Makeup on the go

at the beach wearing stowaway lipstick, and cosmetics

I wore the Muted Plum Lipstick, and rouge to the beach, and it lasted all day with fading. I never reapplied it, as we were on the beach all day. Focused on nature, and not our looks. Yet, you can still see it’s coverage. Excuse my glare glasses selfie, I’m no Kim K. lol, (and well over 50) What’s worse, this is before my new hair cut, color, and  hair tied back. Sorry, I didn’t grab a before pic. But, have you ever had teens with you ready to get to the beach? 

Typically I don’t wear lipstick to the beach but, we were suppose to go shopping after. I would reapply my lipstick on the go, in the car later before picking up dinner. We never made it shopping, it was just too beautiful out, and we stayed past sunset. You can see our beach day, with essential beach packing list here. And see more photos on Instagram. Follow me, for all the behind the scenes, and travel. 

The Natural Look for Spring

cantaloupe blush, peony lipstick, and light brown eye shadow for a natural looking makeup look © 2018 DearCreatives.com

The lipstick is highly pigmented, long-wearing cream lipstick delivers smooth color. They have quite a few pretty colors perfect for looking good, and heading out to work or play.

  1. Sammie used her own light cover up
  2. Then the cantaloupe rouge (blush)
  3. For her eyes she blended eye shadows from The Essentials Palette
  4. And finished her look with the Peony Lipstick.

This is a pretty beauty look for spring, summer or casual year round. She did not put on mascara for her day look. 

rouge for lips, and cheeks

Besides, the cantaloupe, they have peony, and burnt rose rouge. I really like these as they are for your lips, or adding color to your cheeks. I can see trying the peony next.

I’d love to grab their Everyday Kit when I run out of my current foundation. It comes with a BB Complexion Cream, Concealer, Lipstick, Lip and Cheek Rouge, Eyeliner and Volume Mascara. 

Putting on Rouge outside on the go with travel sized cosmetics.

Want to try their line of cosmetics? See the bundle starter kit offer below. 

Stowaway beauty products, travel size makeup sitting on a cocktail napkin DearCreatives.com

PS. We are loving their little mirrors on the rouge, and eye palettes. Perfect for touching up on the go.

Ready to check out more of their beauty supplies? 

Stowaway Cosmetics DearCreatives.com

What types of beauty products, and beauty looks are catching your eye? Are you ready to freshen up your beauty bags

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