Fun and Easy DIYs Peeps Easter Treats Bags Under 30 Minute Craft

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Today we are sharing how to make Easter Treat Bags. I love spring and Easter. It’s such a fun time of year, especially for the kids. I decided to share a fun and easy DIY project I made in preparation for Easter.

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This is going to be one of those holidays that I’ll be packing up boxes of fun, goodies, and treats. Then, sending off snail mail to all the grandkids wrapped in pretty packaging. 

I wish I could be with everyone, for every holiday but, living far away from everyone doesn’t make it that easy. We all Facetime or Skype and I do get to enjoy their company when I can travel. When I can’t be there in person, I love making homemade gifts and putting together fun packages of goodies to spoil the little ones. I enjoy adding to their family festivities. As well as making something special for Sammie too. 

We have something special for you at the end of this post a reader discount for you thanks to our friends at Peeps. They supplied me with the Peeps to make this fun and easy DIY Easter Treat Bags. 

DIY Easter Treat Bags 

Fun and Easy DIYs Treat Bags. This is a quick project under 30 minutes that can be for a party, Easter or other celebration.You'll love how easy this Peeps DIY craft project is.

This year wouldn’t be Easter without one of our favorites, Peeps Candy. Does your family love peeps too? I knew exactly what I wanted to make after spotting a few supplies. 

How to make treat bags for Easter 

Craft Supplies 

Fun and easy diy projects Easter treats bags

Since I have to ship things we are making it simple. I grabbed the cutest clothes pin treat bag closures, treat bags and Peeps. You can also use twist ties and cute polka dot ribbon from Amazon and the craft store. 

Fun and Easy DIYs Easter treats fun and easy idea for party bags for Easter There are so many Peeps flavors and combinations.

  1. First, I washed my hands, ensuring they were sterilized and dry.
  2. Then grabbed my packages of Peeps, opened them up and placed them in combinations I thought each child or person would enjoy.

Fun and Easy DIYs Easter treats peepscandy treats Peeps Candy added to treat bags with a seasonal clothes pin closure. Fun and easy DIY.

I carefully inserted them into the treat bags and closed with my seasonal holiday cloth pin closures

Fun and Easy DIYs Easter treats Peeps Candy Treat Bags. A fun and easy DIYI have 7 grandkids now! Ages 9 years – 6 months. They are so much fun! And I think they’ll love their Peeps Treats Bags. Don’t you? 

Easter Treat Bags with Peeps

Fun and Easy DIYs Easter treats Peeps Treat Bags In an Easter Basket. This is an easy and fun DIY that can be used for Easter, a party or celebration.

I repeated the process until I had a full Easter basket filled with treats for the kids.

Fun and Easy DIYs Fun and easy DIYs. Easter treats Peeps candies in so many flavors to pick from. Yummy marshmallow treats.

The kids will be going crazy for the New Punch Flavored Peeps. You’ll love seeing all the flavors they have from Party Cake Peeps (my personal favorite) to blue raspberry, sour watermelon…

Fun and Easy DIYs Easter Treats Peeps dipped in chocolateOur other personal favorites are the Chocolate Dipped Peeps which come in both dark and milk chocolate. I’m camp dark chocolate. Sammie is camp milk chocolate. What Peeps camp are you? 

Are you ready to have a little Easter fun? Or your own treat bags? 

Yes! Here’s a 25% Off discount code for my readers from Peeps!

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 They have all kinds of fun stuff for Easter baskets, including all these Peeps, gift items and, more candy choices… And delicious recipes, which of course include Peeps! Happy Easter treat bag and basket making! Stay tuned for more of our Easter ideas, our easy Peeps cupcakes and other fun and easy DIYs.

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