Home Made Lotions, Bath Salts and Spa Goodness

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When you live in a dry climate you can always use a great moisturizer! And even if you don’t live where there is a dry climate it is almost that time of year to be needing some with spring and summer on its way. How great would it be to make some of your own? Well thanks to Lousia Shafia and her tutorial on Ready Made you can! Honestly I am going to try this! How about you? Oh, if you think you are interested in creating other spa products from home here are a few recipes for bath salts, scrubs and sachets  in a post I did earlier.

I have always wanted to make my own soaps. What is it about the texture and look of organic home made soap. When you go to purchase a bar at +5. or more dollars I am so tempted to make some of my own and since having sensitive skin you can choose what is really in the soap. Below is a link to a post at Martha Stewart under her image and whats coming next.

When shopping a thrift store recently I came across a perfectly crafty how to make soap book. So after I read through it I hope to try some recipes and give you my thoughts. I will take photos of it too and share the details in another post. Until then you might like this site All Natural Beauty they have a whole page of recipes to pick through! PS. these  make great gifts!! And up coming a post about making your own bath oils too~

Have you ever made your own soap? Cosmetics? or Spa products? Is it something you would like to try?

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  1. Hi Theresa,

    Great post and thanks for sharing.
    My Mother used to often make soap and it was lovely. I made a lavender scrub once and that was really nice.
    I must try doing things like this again.

    Happy weekend

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