Happy Halloween & A Treat for You! #Freebies

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Happy Halloween! I hope you have a fun & festive day. I did a Polyvore board to share with you & a recap of my week so far. A few freebies in case you miss them reposted at end of the post, along with a few places you can find a few more!

Happy Halloween
If your used to seeing me on twitter & other social media I’ve been a bit quite this week. I’ve been taking two sets of classes. One of the ones I just finished was from Google Analytics Academy the course was for Digital Analytics Fundamentals. Yes, a bit techy. But, this was great to get into some of the details of which reports can do what & how to set up reporting for events or ecommerce. Happy to say I passed the course! I wasn’t sure if I’d make it in time. The deadline was last night.

I also have a class meeting today. Yesterday I went with Sammie & we got quite a few things to make treats for her school. I managed to do that in the afternoon prior to making dinner & finishing my GA class & test. I didn’t have time to take photos to share. She’s gone back & forth on costumes. First she was just going to be a nerd but, then she found an Army jacket & hat. I asked her if she wanted me to do Zombie make up. We will see, as she has piano tomorrow prior to dinner & going trick or treating. Another full day!

Next week:

  • I hope to have a recipe to share
  • I do have a project to share!
  • Another Round up of sorts
  • & one or two things I can’t let the cat out of the bag about yet!

hello_2013 DearCreatives

If you are new here or maybe you just missed these two free downloads! All are for personal use only!

I have a few more freebies on my craft page & a recipe card on my recipes page too! Have a safe, happy & fun Halloween!

Do you dress up for Halloween? What are your kids dressing up as?


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