Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day: Top Pick For Creative Moms!

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We’ve been so busy around here. I’ve been shuffling projects back and forth. Trying to balance it all and finish my few online classes I’ve been taking. One is all about fabric designing. I’ve always been interested in merging art with fabric. In high school I made a few blocks and did printing on fabric. Then there’s this how to sew a leather tote bag. I’d love to take and a few more e classes. I’ve spotted several out of their 400 e classes they have. But, today I wanted to share that CreativeBug where I take my online crafting classes is having a huge Mother’s Day sale. 

What’s great is they are reducing the already low annual price which includes access to 400 e classes. Plus they are tossing in lifetime access to 12 classes to start!

Typically you usually get the subscription for $4.95 month and for each month you subscribe, you have unlimited access to all of our classes, and you earn 1 credit to add a class to your personal library — where access never expires. Not to mention great teachers, community and more! But, Now You get the deal listed below and as mentioned! All for $50!! 

Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Sewing e classes

Keep reading to find out more of why I enjoy using them or head over to see for yourself! Just click the image and it’ll take you to the special offer! Above is an example of some of the online sewing classes.

Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Top Pick for Creative Moms! CreativeBug

Give or Get Creativebug this Mothers Day

Topics that CreativeBug Covers are; Sewing, Quiliting, Knit, Crochet, Jewelry, Paper Crafts….Crafts for kids, free classes, work-a-longs. And then more under each category. But, don’t just take my word for it. Go over to check it out for yourself. This is a gift that my Mr. got me last year and I’ve loved it!

Although I do need to set aside more learning time. But, that’s the great thing about these classes. You can watch them when the kids are napping, at school and for everyone any  time at your convenience!  Plus you never have to download anything unless there is a helpful printable for the classes if you want. All the online e classes are stored on their site! No misplacing files! I love that. Especially since we’ve gone through a few computers over the last few years. 

Mother's Day Gift Idea | Drawing Illustration eclass

From drawing to cake decorating, to sewing, knitting, quilting, crochet and many more … learn from top instructors who are experts in their field. What’s not to love about that?! If you do sign mom up I’d love to hear back on how she / you enjoyed it! This is a great deal when I was signed up it was double the price plus some! I’m happy to see this so affordable for everyone! PS you don’t have to be a mom to enjoy CreativeBug


Give Mom the gift of creativity this Mother’s Day! PS. If you read this past Mother’s Day head over to see if any sales are going on! 

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