Freezer Canning

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Dear Creatives, Since I was on the subject of canning & someone brought up it was too hot & humid where they were I thought I would mention freezer canning. I have never done it but, had seen posts about freezer canning on the web so I thought I would give you a few links to where you can find the easy to do & no cooking recipes, along with a few other things. I can’t wait to try freezer canning myself  & share my results after finding all the information to share!

This article on freezer canning is a perfect introduction with all the basic information you’ll need.

At they have many recipes & an easy to use check box system for bringing up recipes for canning (various methods), freezing & dehydrating. They have 69 recipes alone for freezing. There is also a skill level check box & of course food type categories. Recipe Picker FreshPreserving


Strawberry Freezer Jam Chef in Training

How about trying a no cook strawberry peach freezer jam or  no cook strawberry freezer jam? Well at Chef in Training Nikki shares a recipe she uses & it has an easy print you might even find more recipes you like from Nikki’s lovely site.

You might enjoy my original canning post with response that got me thinking about freezer jam & some canning information & recipes.


Deals on Canning and Food Perserving Items Just in Time for Peak Canning Season

Have you ever tried freezer canning? 

If you have a recipe, craft or diy be sure to link up right here!

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  1. I have never tried freezer canning (probably because I have no room in my freezer, lol), but my sister-in-law did strawberry freezer jam and it was delicious. She used the freezer jars above.

    1. Only having one kiddo left at home I seem to have plenty of room! lol but, it wouldn’t take much more work to add the water bath & just can the jam.

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