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The other day we received our first shipment from Farmbox Direct. Have you ever wanted to get fruits and vegetables straight to your door? Farm to table? You can support farmers and get fresh vegetables and fruits delivered straight to you with a produce delivery service! Here’s what we learned about Farmbox Direct. 

Farmbox Direct 

Farmbox Direct - Review and experience with using a produce delivery service.

It’s the perfect time to get produce deliveries to your door and its never been easier. Our local farm stands and farmers markets are still closed and I don’t always see the quality I prefer at our grocery store. Plus, I live over an hour from where I can shop groceries that carry organic fruits and vegetables and the quality I love (Farmbox Direct also carry natural, non organic options for less). But, a bigger reason to consider farm boxes delivered to your door is you are actually supporting small farmers and farms. Eating healthier and getting quality, fresh produce for my family. 

  • We did receive this shipment from Farmbox Direct for free. Affiliate links may be included in the post. We earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. This is at no additional cost to you. 

Produce Delivery Service 

Farmbox Direct - Produce Delivery Service - Farm To Table fruits and vegetables delivered straight to your home.

I’ve wanted to try this produce delivery service and other farms to door services that send produce; fruits and vegetables to your door but, many don’t ship to where we live. You can easily find out if you can get a shipment of the fruits and vegetables (or just one or the other) to your door by entering your zip code at sign-up (right here, at Farmbox Direct). When you head to their site you will see a pop-up to get $20 off your first order! Don’t pass that up. The nice thing too about this service is it is no commitment, contracts, or membership fees. 

  • Farmbox Direct delivery is to most all continental US areas, use the zip code analyzer to validate your area is shippable.
  • Enjoy Organic & Natural Produce at Farmbox Direct! Plus FREE SHIPPING in the Continental USA.
  • While Farmbox Direct may be priced slightly higher than some produce delivery services, the shipping is included and always free. (making it comparable) 
  • The subscription is customizable with up to 5 substitutions.
  • Have a problem with something in your box? Take a photo and contact them via email or their site.
  • The box is shipped with the products (produce) wrapped and protected recyclable materials.

Farmbox Direct Review

The Fruits we received in our Farmbox Direct delivery Fruits in a bowl - Apples, oranges, pears and grapes - Farmbox Direct -

I received my shipment the night before. Each fruit was carefully wrapped with one or two together in brown recyclable paper. There were 4 apples, 3 oranges, 3 pears, two mangos, and red grapes. I unwrapped the items and added them to a big bowl. Since I had my other extra storage containers in use. I keep my fruits in the refrigerator due to the climate we live in. Then, I wash my fruits prior to eating by using a vegetable brush. For the grapes, I just rinse them carefully. 

The produced we received in our Farmbox Direct shipment 

Vegetables - Produce from Farmbox Direct a Produce Delivery Service - ©

Green beans (enough for 2-3), organic kale, colored carrots, red bell pepper, two avocados, Brussel sprouts, and big cucumber. They were wrapped in bags, with a desi pack, which keeps them fresh.

Additionally, the entire box was packed carefully, included a liner made from recycled materials, and had plenty of gel ice packs to keep everything fresh and cold. Right on the packs, it says they’re reusable. Just freeze to activate. Or recycle them by thawing the pouch and draining the contents and recycling with #4 plastic…

Both the red bell pepper and the avocados althougth they were quality were on the smaller side. 

Out of the entire box, the only products received, produce with a divet or ding was the cucumber, I just cut it off when I used it. It was so minor it wasn’t an issue to me. But, if it was I’d contact them directly on their site or by email. 

How I used my produce box from Farmbox Direct

Meal Planning With A Produce Box Delivery

apple sliced with an apple slicer - Farmbox Direct - sliced apple ©

What did I try first? Since I shot these photos in the morning. I made myself a quick snack by washing and cutting one of the red apples. I sliced sharp cheddar cheese to go with it. If you have younger kids apples and peanut butter are a great healthy snack option. 

healthy snack - sliced apple -apple slicer with an apple in it and holding a sliced apple ©

This apple was crisp and juicy.

  1. I will probably use the kale to make this Feta Kale and Pear Salad
  2. I’ll make a chicken taco salad and use the red bell pepper, cucumbers, and avocados. For the lettuce, I will use leftover Kale and/or iceberg lettuce (which was not in the box)
  3. Then for a dinner, I will cook the Brussel sprouts (Sammie likes Brussel sprouts) and green beans (I like green beans) as a side dish to our grilled steak dinner. We did and they were so delicious! Sorry, no pic. win/win
  4. And for healthy snacking this week juice the carrots with the oranges in my Vitamix. Did you know you can use your Vitamix for juicing? If you love smoothies you could also make my knock off Orange Julius. Perfect for when you get fresh oranges! 
    Find our (Smoothie Recipes) using fresh fruits.Juicing fresh fruits and produce with my Vitamix-

So the million-dollar question is; Should you get a produce box delivered to your door and are they worth it? 

I definitely think it is worth trying!

  1. It is super convenient, especially during times like this (COVID) when you don’t want to shop in the stores as often.
  2. If you don’t or can’t drive to shop in stores. 
  3. You want more clean eating options in your diet and home (This really does make you reach for the healthier options. See my fridge below the fruits are in your face, ha!). The goal is to eat 4-5 servings per day of fruits and vegetables to be healthy. (source) (source)
  4. If you can’t get to the farm stands, and farmers’ markets or they are closed this is a great option for purchasing fresh farm produce. 
  5. You want to or are committed to helping small farmers and small businesses. 
  6. The fruits and veggies were fresh and tasty!!

I promise to do a price comparison from what we normally buy from the store to what a box of fresh produce delivered to your home costs. We live where things are expensive so I’ll be excited to see cost wise if this helps us save money. (We are moving Sammie to college so I will update this later)

Don’t be worried if you can’t use the box of produce-up. Seriously, just store your produce properly (you will use it all) and remember you are getting it fresher than from a grocery store, so you should have no problems. Below are a few tips on how I store my fruits and vegetables when getting them in bulk. 

What Is The Best Way To Store Fruits and Produce to Use Later?

Produce being stored in a produce storage container -this container has a lid - find out more ©

Vegetables and Fruits should be stored in different bins to keep the fruit from ripening faster. Using a vegetable bin/refrigerator crisper. When you run out of space in your vegetable bins I use products like this shown above (that has a lid) and containers listed below; to store excess produce (fruits and vegetables) in the refrigerator.

As you can see in the back of the fridge I have my apples stored separately. Storing apples separately is the best way to store them. They are in my FreshWorks storage container

I also used bags sent with the kale, for the kale, along with the desi pack it came with, which helps keep the produce fresher.

Tip: If you get mushrooms, store them in a brown paper bag. 

  1. I love and use these Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Storage Containers
  2. And produce storage like these Produce Storage Containers similar to the one I have. 
  3. Mdesign Produce Storage Containers Open Air Organizer Bins. Useful for fruits, herbs…

How to store produce to make it last longer -fruits and vegetables being stored in the refrigerator - produce food storage containers ©

Every Monday I try to share recipes and meal planning ideas so don’t forget to signup to get our posts straight to your inbox if you are new here.

Are you ready to shop online for fresh fruits and vegetables?

Farmbox Direct- Farmbox Direct Produce Box ©

How Does Farmbox Direct Work?

  1. Sign up (free and no membership fees). 
  2. Pick the size box you want. (There are options for sizes (small/medium/large), organic and natural, green juicing box, orange juicing box, and red juicing box.
  3. Pick just a fruit box, or just a vegetable box, or a mixed box of fruits and vegetables). I like options, don’t you?
  4. Customize the produce box. See something you don’t like in the shipment, swap up to 5 items. (Look for cut-off times for adjustments.)
  5. The delivery ships for free! 
  6. The produce lands at your door, fully protected in a shipping box (with recyclable materials).
  7. Bring it in and unpack your box. 
  8. With the first delivery, you get a $10 off card/coupon to use! It was in my box, yay! 
  9. I like to wash my produce before using it but, don’t wash it all upon arrival. I store it in containers like this, and I use a vegetable scrub brush and water. 

What if I don’t want a new shipment? Put it on hold or cancel. No cancellation fees. No commitments. Pick to get your orders weekly, bi-weekly, months in advance, and even pick up gift certificates to gift someone a Farmbox Direct gift. 

Do you order your foods, produce, fruits, and vegetables online? If not, why not give Farmbox a try? Let me know how you like it. 

Are you ready to try Farmbox Direct? Make your selections and order a box here – Shop Farmbox Direct! 

Grab a discount to try Farmbox Direct – Use this special reader Farmbox Direct Discount Code: DCFarmboxDirect10 – and enter at checkout. It’s valid till the 30th of April, 2021 and is good for 10% off your purchase! 

Farmbox Direct - Produce Delivery Service - Farm To Table fruits and vegetables delivered straight to your home. - Farmbox Direct Review

What subscription box services have you tried? What produce delivery services have you tried? 

I can’t wait for my next box to share with you! 

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