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Dear Creatives, There is nothing  love more than checking a project off my list. Well, maybe there are a few more things beside that, but any how I thought I would share my sewing that I completed of the Schoolhouse Tunic with the Sew Liberated pattern I purchased. If you didn’t see the post with all the pretty patterns I was contemplating you can see a link later in the post. I also have a few new sewing project loves to get onto my to do list & maybe onto your list too,  just after my share.


Here is the Schoolhouse Tunic finished. I wish I had taken a photo of it on, maybe another time. The pattern itself is pretty well explained. I think with basic sewing skills you can probably tackle this one. I love that it feels so good on. Cotton fabric is by far my fabric of choice when sewing. This was a light weight 100% cotton material with a lovely pattern on the fabric. I was hoping to find one with more of the blue, but they didn’t have enough of it left. Then I found this material, end of the bolt & just enough!


So much of the pattern was detailed straight stitching. Measuring, pressing, stitching.



There are box pleats on the front & back of garment. Easily explained in the pattern of how to do them. If you try the pattern be sure to pin in place first, turn inside out & check that you matched your seams properly. I had to readjust my pinning just a bit. But, that second check is what keeps you from ripping out stitches & redoing. Like that old saying twice checked once cut. Twice pinned once sewn! My new saying, just saying.


All the seams can be done on the machine which makes this pattern go by really fast. There is very little hand stitching for this pattern. Lots of pinning in place & pressing. I do quite a bit vs marking patterns, but it is my nu-traditional style of working with patterns. Maybe I should invest in some marking chalk, for my next time or pattern. lol, this photo is of the back of the neckline inside (wrong-side) seam. OK, so there you have it. I made this first one long. I would love to make another shorter, but I love the option of possibly wearing this in spring with sandals. Love this paired with jeans & my flats. Comfy!! Sew Liberated Schoolhouse Tunic Pattern {original post with images of patterns & where to grab them} Spring Sewing Pattern Love


Sewing  & Creative To Do Freebie Love List:

I found the cutest idea for creating your own button stamps. If you sew this is super simple. It is a no sew craft project.

TheCookieButton {button stamp idea}

This tutorial is so super cute! You will love it, especially if you ever loved…

Hello Kitty®  pin cushion & sewing basket tutorial & pdf { via Sew4Home}

If you are newer to sewing you might enjoy this simple tutorial that shows you how to make your own pattern super easy drawstring top. I think I am going to make my daughter some for summer. Easy peasy! I promise a great starter project!

Draw String Top Tutorial {via A Beautiful Mess}

Two more free patterns  Mendocino Sundress & Nautical Halter Dress

Do you have something to share you have made or a tutorial Link-up here!


What sewing have you done lately? Do you sew?


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