Easter Decorating Ideas + Spring Decorating

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Today we have easy ways to decorate for spring and Easter Decorating Ideas. We love decorating for spring and Easter decorating, do you? You can feel that spring is near, with birds singing, trees starting to blossom and bulbs peeking up out of the ground. Hey friends back east, stay warm spring will arrive shortly. I have been starting to decorate for spring. But, I am already planning what to incorporate into our decor for Easter. 

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Easter Decorating 

Easter Decorating Ideas - Easy ways to add Easter decor to your spring decor. DearCreatives.com #decorating #homedecorating #spring #easterdecoratingideas #springdecorating #homedecorideas

  • Affiliate links may be included in the post. We earn a small commission for qualifying purchases. 

Spring Decorating 

Spring Decorating and Easter Decorating Ideas. Are you ready to decorate for spring and Easter_ See how to decorate for spring and add in Easter to your home decor. DearCreatives.com

Recently I went shopping, at first I wasn’t going to get anything new but, I felt it was time to switch things up. Do you get tired of the same seasonal decor accents you tuck away in a box to use over and over? That was me. It was time for a refresh! 

I was inspired by all the new pretty decor and knew I had a lot to do when I got home after being gone for two weeks helping my family, up in northern California. First, the dreaded cleaning and laundry. Check, then I added a strand of wood beads with wood birds. It was the last one. But, you could get wood beads and wooden birds and string your own. 

Spring Decor decorated and arranged for display, on an entryway table (vanity). DearCreatives.com

These are similar to what I purchased; a speckled planter and I added faux speckled eggs I purchased last year, spring kitchen towels and a cute decorative metal flower (they come in so many colors and are so popular right now). Lastly, a new throw rug. I ended up using the throw rug to cover our ottoman that has gotten a slight tear in it but, still good until we get a new couch set. My cats and small dog sleep there.

I got the cake stand at Target and used it for a pedestal for the planter with faux eggs. I have to say I am kind of obsessed with wood signs with cute sayings. Right now, after 2 weeks of being away, I was happy to be home and fix it up for spring. 

Things I still have to do. Remove the chairs I want to redo (they are just there for the cats right now), declutter the dog toys and add them into a spring or neutral dog/cat toy basket. Remove my vintage clock that needs fixing. Then I am going to add window frames (probably the white one shown below) to the mantle or a large clock (I’ve been eyeing this clock). Or both. 

Next, I’ll be incorporating Easter decor right with my spring decor to make it more festive closer to Easter. 

Easter Decor Amazon - Easy decorating ideas using spring and Easter decorations

Easter Decorating Ideas

  1. Hang a Burlap Bunny Garland from your mantle. This cute banner can be used as decor, but also can be used as a photo prop and backdrop for your pictures. The banner comes pre-assembled, no DIY needed, it also folds easily for storage…
  2. Use Rustic Wood Window Frames (brown wood) (1 white wood decorative window frame) (2 white wood window frames, no glass) to a fireplace mantle (this is what I’m doing), above a table, in an entryway. They would make a focal point to any room in your home. You can add your seasonal wreaths, small chunky spring/Easter artwork, and even hang wood signs (welcome) (Easter) from them to enhance your decor. 
  3. Add a Bunny Wreath to your living room, entryway or front door. 
  4. Create a mini display with a figurine or bunny figurines, wood beads tassels. Or this pretty wood beads with pretty tassels in several colors. 
  5. Use a 2 Tiered Tray for creating displays and a focal point on your tabletops, side tables, or entryway displays. Add bunny figurines like these handcrafted wood-look bunnies, wooden beads, cups coffee cups, speckled eggs, rope carrots
  6. Add an Easter Cookie Jar to your kitchen decor. Like this (Hop To It ) or this (Large Bunny Canister).
  7. Get a modern flowerpot/container or cloche dome then add rafia or easter grass, then top it with blue speckled eggs or colored speckled eggs
  8. Fill a vase with faux (or real) flowers and tie it with spring ribbon
  9. Get new placemats and a table cloth for the dining table. I got these basketweave placemats that are so pretty (and durable enough to use outdoors too). 
  10. Adding little touches make a vignette. Remember to work in odd numbers for focal interest. I added this yellow chick to my decor now I want the blue one. I loved it, even more, when I got it home. It fit right into my spring/Easter decor. Next to (my tiered tray)with glass balls, moss rocks, and faux succulents

Happy Spring and Easter decorating! 

Want to make your own Easter crafts and decorations?

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