Lavender Vanilla Soak DIY

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This is the time of year I think about making more homemade beauty DIYs and homemade DIY gifts. Whether you have a big family like mine. Or are just making a few homemade beauty gifts for friends, a bridal or even baby shower you’ll find this Lavender Vanilla Bath Salts Soak easy to put together. Then just add this mixture into a clean glass container to give as a gift. Wrap with a ribbon and gift tags and your set.

Users will appreciate warm bath and enjoy the calming scents of lavender and vanilla. All they have to do is pour a quarter cup of the bath salts into a warm bath to enjoy the bath soak. They can store the bath salts in a airtight container for up to six months! As long as they use a clean scoop to get the salts out and keep them dry.

Beauty DIY

Lavender Vanilla Bath Salts


You might remember some of our other Beauty DIYs I’m going to include them in this post at the end, in case you’d like a few other homemade beauty DIYs to consider making. These are always a fun projects to do! Twice as fun to do with friends while enjoying their company. Make it a party and add appetizers, wine and music. Make several batches adding them into small clean dry jars. Or any size you’d like! Purchase other essential oils in a set. Try adjusting the recipe to your liking. Just remember to use essential oils properly. Not recommended for babies, consult Dr. if pregnant.

We love getting together for DIY, making and baking. Do you?

Beauty DIY

Lavender Vanilla Bath Salts Recipe


1 cup Epson Salt
1/2 cup Coarse Dead Sea Salt
1/2 cup Baking Soda
1 Tablespoon vanilla extract or a few drops of Vanilla Essential Oil  (dilute with almond oil or coconut oil at 3-5%) prior to adding to salts
7-8 drops Lavender Essential Oil (dilute with almond oil or coconut oil at 3-5%) prior to adding to salts  Almond Oil or Coconut Oil for diluting
Dried Lavender Adding a few tips here or there in mix (optional)
Purple (regal) or (violet) food coloring (optional)

  • Please use caution when using essential oils. Do not over use, by pouring excess drops. It is intended to be diluted with carrier oil/water. The oils are concentrated extracts.



Place all ingredients in a small mixing bowl and mix until well blended. If you do not use the food coloring, the bath salts will be white in color. You can use regal purple or violet, varying drops will vary color. Mix well into your salts. 


1. Pour 1/4 cup into warm bath water. ENJOY the calming scents of lavender and vanilla!
2. Relax in bath for 30 minutes.
3. Pat dry and apply regular moisturizer to skin.


Store in an airtight container for up to 6 months.

Here’s a list of sourced supplies for making your lavender vanilla bath soak;


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