Top Five Must Have Tips To Love Your Lips & Wear Lipstick!

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One thing I love about makeup is changing my looks by wearing lipsticks. Don’t you? I do have my favorites but, I love grabbing new lipsticks, glosses and matte looks from the store. Today I’m sharing some love your lips beauty tips! Easy to use tips for every woman wanting to up their long wearing lipstick game.

These tips are basics for getting a flawless look on your lips. There are also tips for making your look last longer while looking polished. Hot, picks of course we’ll share some that we are crushing on too.

For anyone who needs to get ready to get out of the house quick in the morning focusing on the lips is important. With minimal makeup it just finishes your look. Also in today’s environment you really do need to protect your lips from the elements.

Lipstick | Beauty Tips |Love Lips Tips


Beauty Tips

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Beauty Tips

  1. Exfoliate your lips to remove any chapping and smooth them out. *lightly us a lip scrub
  2. Use a concealer on your lips as a base. It will help show the true color of lighter lipsticks or glosses.
  3. Sculpt with a liner for darker colors like reds. This will help define your lips and have color last longer.
  4. Lastly touch up any slight mistakes around outer edges with a concealer and powder.
  5. Matte lip colors last longer than shiny colors.

Must haves for applying are: minimum basic makeup tool set Eco Tools this is a 4 piece set that includes a lip detailer. I have a larger set by the same company. What I love is how soft they are. Brand detailing is the liSoft, non-abrasive bristles give an even finish. Or Jump up to a Luxe Collection 6 piece set with travel case by Laura Mercier. Of course you can spend even more by getting into the professional makeup brush set series.

  • Don’t forget you’ll need to keep your brushes in great shape with a makeup brush cleaner that is good for natural and synthetic hair brushes.
  • What I love about this one is it’s a gentle antibacterial brush spray that instantly cleans and disinfects your brushes between use. Bonus to me is it’s a quick-drying formula.
  • How to use: Spray a generous amount onto a paper towel then gently swipe your brushes back and forth until all traces of color are removed. Allow the brush to dry briefly before using.

Lipstick | Beauty Tips |Young beautiful girl applying make-up by make-up artist

When choosing a lip liner pick a shade slightly darker than the lipstick color your going to use. As you get older lips thin out use a creamier lipstick. Harder colors to wear are corals, colors with orange tint. If you tried a color and hate it don’t toss it. Use a make up brush and mix two colors together to create your own color. You can also do this when you break or get to a bottom of a lipstick. Downplay yellow cast to teeth with colors ranging in pinks, plums or with blue undertones.


Beauty Tips

Lipstick Slide Show:

What makeup brands or color lipsticks do you love?

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