5 Organized Craft Rooms That Will Inspire You To Get Organized!

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5 Organized Craft Rooms that will inspire you to get organized. Are you ready to get cleaning and organizing your craft room? Grab craft room ideas and inspiration to make it happen. Honestly, where does the time go? I have been crafting, journaling and painting meanwhile my house has been collecting dust bunnies, getting disorganized and just in plain need of assistance. If I had a magic wand I would wave it today to make my space look all tidy and organized like these craft spaces, sewing, and craft rooms. Our spare bedroom is the guest room/craft room so this is where you’ll find me cleaning. 

5 Organized Craft Rooms

Pauline working

This space has a large shelf storage area filled with decorative boxes for all the supplies. I  love the white table with round wire baskets and pens in little buckets to make creating easily or making papercrafts. 

making life easier
almost bunnies

I like the idea of having everything look neat. Craft supplies can really make a room look untidy. Storage boxes with labels are awesome and come in all kinds of different sizes, colors, and styles. I love the matching white boxes with lids labels

First pics of my Craft Room
MayaLee Photography

Don’t have room for a bookcase? Or dresser? This small shelf for notions stored in jars is perfect to organize a small craft room

Sewing Room

Do you ever wonder how to store your sewing fabric? I love the idea of having your sewing books and folded fabrics on a shelf. Easy to see grab and use. The colors and patterns look so pretty.

Sewing Room

Baskets and drawers are great for all the catchall things such as measuring tapes, twines, patterns… or all the little supplies you need to grab often. 

organized craft room with storage, drawers and work table.

via Katey

All the drawers for paper storage in this room! I also like the craft table and craft storage

What style of the craft rooms is your favorite? 

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  1. just took a vacuum break to do a little blog hopping… yes the house is at an all time dirt record and with company coming I better get on it. I would love the first studio you showed – looks to refreshing!

  2. Yes, I love these studios & wish any one of them were mine! Mine is looking neater but I swoon over having the big windows & organization these have! Back to the dust bunnies. Can you hear me whistling while I work? lol

  3. Hi Theresa,

    We do not really celebrate over here, but any excuse for a lovely meal.
    Good luck with the cleaning and glad that you are whistling while you work!… does help.

    Happy Thanksgiving

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