Back To School Pick! Got Wires? Got Cables? Clothes to Label? Get Organized For Good!

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One thing I can say is that we have cables, cord and wires. These days with all the electronic toys, iPads, iPods, cell phones and other cables/wires, things can get mixed up easily. Just in my daughter’s room alone are a ton of wires and cables. There are the ones for all the things I mentioned before plus there are her electronic guitar cables, keyboard cables, Game Boy and cell phone. Now, the worst is my Mr. but, I’m not even getting to the garage yet. We are on a mission to get our electronics organized before back to school. And let’s not forget gym clothes, jackets… Today’s review is a solution that might be perfect for you too!

There is nothing like getting your wires crossed! I grab my cell phone cord to charge mine on the run. But, often times can’t even find mine!! Why? Well, my teen rather than find hers has grabbed mine and misplaced it. Often times shes headed to a friends taking hers with her and may forget it there. With back to school I’m on a mission to get us organized. I’m tired of the same crossed wires routine. Are you?! I’m also using this same tool to help label her gym clothes and other items for back to school.

Back to School Organization Ideas

Got Wires Get Organized Epson LabelWorks Labeler

I think you’ll love the Epson LabelWorks Wire and Cable Labeler too, let me tell you why.

  • This is a multi functional tool that you can use for labeling your electronics and other things. What’s great is you can even buy iron on tapes that fit into it and label your kids jackets or school supplies with their name (s) among other things. Think, sleepovers: label sleeping bags, pillow cases, garment bags….

Wires and Cables in a box

Last year I just jumbled all her cords into a plastic bin. Yet I have no idea what wire goes to what! We got out the labeler and set to work. The Epson LabelWorks Wire and Cable Labeler has lots of features to get your wires and cables uncrossed and labeled! 

Back to School Organization Ideas

Espon LabelWorks Review

What I really like about this labeler is that it is easy to put together. You need 6 Double AA batteries or an adapter to get started. The back comes off easily. Slipping in the different tapes is really easy. I had it working and started labeling within minutes. The directions in the book are very clear.

I even tried it with Epson’s iron on tape! This is a life safer if you have teens with gym clothes or little ones that need sweaters, jackets, tees….labeled! This has really helped us keep our cords where they should be and get us ready for back to school. Everything is getting labeled! I’ve listed all the features of this LabelWorks Kit below. 

Review Thoughts: I tried several ways of labeling the wires. The strong adhesive is better for wrapping it onto the cord (see final image) but, either is fine for folding around and over the cord. I did have to really hold down and smooth out the tape along the cord when wrapping it onto it with the strong adhesive until it holds. It easily tapes to itself with cord in center. It also adheres to the back of plugs and computers with ease!

I didn’t try all the multiple print options but, you can vertical and mirror print! Which is so handy!

I loved the iron on tape! 

Back to School Organization Ideas

Epson LabelWorks Wire and Cable Kit

Epson LabelWorks Wire and Cable Labeler Is Easy To Use! 

  1. Turn on & type 
  2. Print
  3. Cut
  4. Peel & Stick Label

Epson LabelWorks Wire and Cable Labeler Comes With:

  • LW-Cable & Wire Label Kit
  • 12 mm (~½”) Black on White (Strong Adhesive) cartridge
  • 18 mm ( ~¾”) Black on Silver (Matte) cartridge
  • User’s Guide

Epson LabelWorks Cable & Wire Label Kit

Epson LabelWorks Wire and Cable Labeler Features:

  • Number of Fonts: 14
  • Types of Fonts: Sans Serif, Sans Serif HG, Sans Serif ST, Gothic, Bold Gothic, Roman, US Roman, CL Roman, Mincho, Gyosho, Reisho, BR, CB, Script PL
  • Number of Font Styles: 10
  • Number of Font Sizes: 5
  • Number of Font Widths: 2
  • Specialty Print Options: 8 (Variety of Tab, Flag and Wraps)
  • Barcode Printing: 8 (CODE39, CODE128, ITF, CODABAR, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13)
  • Built-in Symbols: 300+
  • Built-in Frames: 75+
  • Maximum Characters Per Label: 80
  • Auto Numbering: Yes
  • Multiple Print Option: Yes
  • Vertical Printing: Yes
  • Mirror Printing: Yes
  • Number of Languages: 7 (English, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, German)

Labeled Phone Cord

Epson’s Tape Compatibility that makes it so versatile:

Tape Compatibility: LC

Tape Width: ~¼” (6 mm), ~3/8″ (9 mm), ~½” (12 mm), ~¾” (18 mm)

Tape Length: ~30 ft (9 m)

Tape Varieties: Standard, Iron-on, Metallic, Reflective, Strong Adhesive, Glow-in-the-Dark (perfect for Halloween!), Pearlized, Tab, Fluorescent and Clear

I did receive the Epson LableWorks Kit to review and share my 100% honest opinions with you. I hope this helps you decide if this is the right labeler for you! I’ve found it to be very useful and it is helping to get us organized for back to school. We loved getting all our electronic wires, cables and cell phones tagged – labeled! Next, The back to school supplies! We really loved this product and like that you can use so many different types of the Epson label tapes with it! 

Have you tried using any of the Epson Labelers? What back to school organization ideas do you have? 

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    1. Hi Joanna, Oh ya, it would be. I wish I would of had one when I sent my oldest off to collage. We have been labeling all of Sammie’s stuff. She has a few classes in high school and the rest at the Jr. high until next year. Then she’s a freshman!!

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