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Fall & Halloween DIY Mason Jars


Dear Creatives, I worked  on painting some mason jars and other jars I collected over a bit of time. I wanted to decorate some up for fall. I went to the garage to see what I could find in the way of spray paint colors so I wouldn’t have to buy any this time around. Perfect I thought to myself a left over apple green, buttercup yellow from previous projects & orange thanks to the Mr. working construction.

So I gathered my washed & dry jars. A large piece of cardboard to protect the table outside and the paints.  Honestly this is an easy project with fun results. To spray place jars upside down on mouths & coat lightly. Make sure to allow paint to dry in between sprays. I set them in the sun so it was pretty fast. After several coats hold up in the sun to see if you missed any spots. It will show, just touch up as needed. Then I sprayed the lip of the lid which was covered when upside down. Let dry & decorate!

Tip: Just make sure if using multiple colors to grab the same color when you are spraying a second time! & let dry completely between coats!

You can keep it simple with ribbon or as I did on the orange jar cut out felt then sewed a leaf line through the leaves. I just used a pretty pin to tack leaves in place but you could sew it or tie it into bow.


For this jar I thought a black wire spider web and some black and white skull ribbon would be cute. I had the ribbon and webbing left over from last year that I picked up on clearance.The wire webbing was from Michaels Crafts 5.5″ size for a standard mason jar.

Now I did decorate a few smaller jars and was thinking I could add colorful lolly pops in them. Either for a special gift for someone or for the kids to grab and have a treat. I forgot to get the lolly pops to stick in them. Oops! No treats today! I used ribbons & easy peel and stick scrapbook dimensional stickers. The ribbons were from Michaels Crafts by Recollections and the stickers were from Jolee’s boutique. Left over from clearance when I picked them up last year. I know it may be a little early for the treats but these are ready to be filled!


Halloween Decorated Mason Jars

Now I hope you are inspired to create your own version of these decorated mason jars. Use them for treats, flowers, holding your creative tools & decorating your studio! Just don’t be a scared y cat to try this, as it is super simple! Today I am linking up with some blogs you can find on my link-up page. If you have something you’ve linked up somewhere else or project you did feel free to pop your link in here on my site & add your link! PS. Its a weekly link up & I feature peoples projects! I’d love to see what your creating!

What is your favorite fall project you have created so far?

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    • Fawn says

      Thanks Venassa! It was super easy and fun! Oh, I would use a mask next time if I do it again! Especially if you are pregnant or have someone spray and you do the crafty part!

  1. says

    Those turned out real cute! The few times I’ve tried painting glass didn’t turn out cute at all. I also really like how you embellished them!

  2. says

    I love these mason jars! I’m featuring them on Scrappy Saturdays @ candacecreations tomorrow some come check it out! and link up some of your other great ideas!