Easy Halloween Snack Treat Idea

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I have a confession to make we love our occasional dessert treats. Trying to be healthier doesn’t always mean we get them. But, times like Halloween you just need to give and let the family have a treat. Today we are sharing an easy Halloween Treat Idea, that makes a yummy snack too. What about combining a delicious yogurt and candy? Yes please!

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Let me grab a spoon and glass dish and share the latest most delicious pre-packaged snack treat that I have tasted lately. I’ll also share an easy way you can dress up the yogurt cups for any Halloween party.

This yogurt isn’t just for the kids. It’s going to tackle your sweet tooth and fill that empty spot for anyone any time of day or night. Why not serve it for party dessert treat? Halloween is coming up, which means school parties, kids wanting candy…..

This is food craft going to have you doodling smile y faces, pumpkin faces … on the cups prior to passing out to the kids. Even tie a pretty Halloween ribbon on the cup. I think this is going to be a hit at any Halloween school party or fall gathering with kids. 

Easy Halloween Treat Idea 

Yoplait yogurt in a dish

I poured the Yoplait yogurt in the cup to share just how creamy this yogurt is! I just didn’t want you to see the container.

Hersheys Yoplait Yogurt

Next I dropped the candy from the two part packaging into the cup. Who loves chocolate?

Hersheys Yoplait Yogurt _snack treat

Then mix it in and taste. Oh, sorry this is just too good for words! But, it doesn’t end here.

There are three delicious flavor topping.

  1. Hershey’s Chocolate
  2. Whoppers
  3. Cookies and Cream

Hersheys Whoppers Yoplait Yogurt_ Whoppers yogurt in a cup_

We tried two of the three and Whoppers were my favorite so far.

Whoppers mixed into Yogurt in a cup with a spoon_

Mixed into the creamy yogurt this is so delicious!

hands holding two types of Hersheys Yoplait Yogurt Cups_

Which would you pick for your yogurt treat? Hershey’s Chocolate, Whoppers or the not shown Cookies and Cream?

Halloween Snack Treat Idea

Easy Halloween Snack Treat Idea _

There are so many possibilities;

  1. I took a scalloped paper punch and Halloween card stock paper to create the topper.
  2. Adhere with a dab of glue stick.
  3. Then I simply tied orange raffia around the outside of the cup.

If you are decorating a lot of them;  pull out only as needed to decorate (to keep yogurt a cold temperature) and always keep refrigerated until serving.

Halloween snack Treat Idea 2_

You can easily slip in a plastic spoon through the ribbon if needed.

decorated Yogurt cups_ Halloween decorated yogurt cups_hands holding two types of Hersheys Yoplait Yogurt Cups

Or you can simply wipe off the condensation and use a permanent marker to make faces on the yogurt cups. Let dry and keep refrigerated until serving!

Today’s post was brought to you by Yoplait Yogurt with Hershey’s MixIn’s. The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op. These are my own words and all opinions are my honest 100% own!

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