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This summer I plan on doing sewing more frequently. I want to continue to teach Sammie some projects and my daughter Krissy is having a baby in December. With that said I could use some, good thread storage and  easy access to my threads when switching projects. I came across these thread storage ideas.

The is a thread storage diy tutorial and I thought this would be so cute. I can have it made to match the decor of the room, its handy and its an easy project for myself or on the honey do list.

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Who wouldn’t love a thread spinner sitting right next to  you? Its pre-made and ready for purchase.
I am all about making my spaces pretty, but I don’t have a dedicated sewing space. If you do this might be an option to have all your notions and threads color coordinated and lined up so pretty. Crazy Mom Quilts has quilting tips too. You might just want to check out her blog if you are interested in quilting.
Now I must admit I like this idea, for a sewer on the go around the house. This is a jewelery organizer! Dorothy has a few cool storage tricks up her sleeve and all the details of how many threads it stores.
When all is said and done I always go back to my favorite which is my grandma’s handed down sewing basket something like this. Easy to take around the house, grab from and have the threads stay clean. But mostly I think it is the memories it holds that make it my favorite!
What is your favorite thread storage option?

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  1. I really like the spinning thread holder! I might just have to build or buy me a few of those! I also have a thing for baskets, so I will want a basket I can easily tote around with me with some essentials.
    ~Brittany ( via SITS Girls 31DBBB

  2. Thanks for visiting Brittany! I use both,* but I don't have a spinning thread holder; I do have a basket which is convenient.Theresa

    1. The tutorial link & how to is right under the photo of it! But, I just sent you an email with the link. I hope you get to make one. Hope that helps!

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